10 Helpful Sanitation Items to Shop Online for Pandemic Travels

10 Helpful Sanitation Items to Shop Online In Case You Need to Travel This Pandemic

Have a safe flight!

With the onset of the global pandemic, gone are the days of unmasked chitter-chatter and close physical proximity. We’re quickly adapting to all of these changes we never imagined we’d have to go through. Surely, everyone has turned into germaphobes and clean freaks, but of course, for the right reasons. Not only are we paying more attention to our own safety and wellbeing, but we also owe it to the people around us to use sanitation items. 

For travellers and vagabonds, it has become an ongoing challenge to stay indoors and keep still. The reason being that the pandemic restrictions and protocols have made travelling a lot trickier and riskier. In case there’s an urgent need for you to be travelling during these trying times, you might want to put some extra thought into what you’ll be packing. Here are some travel essential sanitation items you can easily purchase online! 

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Essential sanitation products you can buy online if you need to travel during the pandemic

1. Hand sanitisers

It’s a well-known fact that hands are the dirtiest part of the body. It’s super important to sanitise and clean your hands regularly. Of course, the best way to do so is to thoroughly wash all the nooks and crannies of your hands for at least 20 seconds. In the event that you are not able to do so, your next best option is to use some type of antibacterial hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol. Shop this product here

2. Disinfectant wipes

Needless to say, there’s a higher risk for infection given that you are enclosed in a space with other people for an extended period of time. Another essential sanitation item you should keep in your travel bag is disinfectant or antimicrobial wipes. These come in handy when you need to wipe down in-flight surfaces, especially when you’re travelling through a plane. It’s also another convenient alternative to keep your hands clean! Shop this product here.

3. Travel hand soap

The convenience of hand sanitisers and disposable wipes might tempt you to skip taking time to wash your hands. There are a good deal of travel soaps to choose from that are available to purchase online, from sample size soap bars to paper soaps sheets. You can opt for these to make washing your hands more convenient when you’re travelling. Shop this product here.

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4. Reusable and refillable spray bottles

These travel sized bottles allow you to conveniently use your liquid sanitation products when you’re on the go. You can store hand sanitisers, isopropyl alcohol, and liquid hand soap in these tightly sealed PET bottles. Containers and bottles like these are ideal because they are strong yet lightweight. In fact, most food, beverage, and personal care products come in these types of bottles. Shop these products here

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5. Disinfectant spray

It’s a common household cleaning product that keeps bacteria from spreading and protects you from germs found on surfaces. Usually, products like these are available to purchase in-stores and online, but only a few trustworthy brands offer a smaller version of its kind. Carry a travel-sized disinfectant spray to keep your surroundings free from fungi and viruses and help lessen the risk of infection. Shop this product here.

6. Disposable toilet seat covers

Using the toilets in an aircraft can be quite challenging, given the fact that you have to share them with everyone else. And unfortunately, you can’t expect everyone to make sure they leave the lavatories clean for the next user. Lessen your restroom worries when travelling by making sure that you have the essentials to keep clean and carry on! This travel pack of toilet seat covers are waterproof, antibacterial, and easy to dispose of after use. Shop this product here

7. Reusable ziplock bags

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These resealable and reusable bags are perfect for storing food and non-food products you’ll be carrying around while travelling. It’s a practical storage solution to keep your toiletries, products, and other travel essentials from leaking. You can also keep your items safe in these little baggies to avoid instances of cross-contamination and contact with unwanted bacteria. Shop this product here.

8. Travel clothes bag

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One of the many staple luggage essentials includes travel dividers or packing cubes. Separate your used clothes that need to be laundered from clean clothes, and keep everything else organised. Ultimately, it makes packing and unpacking much easier! Shop this product here.

9. Microfiber cloth

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These cleaning cloths are universally useful, whether it’s to clean or dry off surfaces. If you want to do away with the wasteful consumption of disposable tissues and wipes, this would be an ideal alternative. Microfiber cloths are able to pick up small specks of dust, dirt, and even bacteria. It’s safe, practical, and easy to use! Shop this product here

10. Portable diffuser

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Obviously, this isn’t something you can use while travelling per se, but you can have it around when you’re in your hotel room or Airbnb. It might seem a little too extra, but it does an apt job at keeping your environment free from bacteria, germs, fungi, and other viral pathogens. Use essential oils like tea tree, lemongrass, and eucalyptus, which have antimicrobial properties and therapeutic benefits after a long and tiring flight! Shop this product here

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Hopefully, these sanitation items can give you some sense of ease and comfort when you’re travelling during the pandemic. Of course, don’t forget to keep your mask on and practice social distancing. You owe yourself and other passengers, worry-free travel, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Have a safe trip!

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