How to Plan a 4D3N Hong Kong DIY Trip

How to Plan a 4D3N Hong Kong DIY Trip

Travelling to Hong Kong soon? Here are simple steps to plan a DIY trip.

My Christmas gift for my brother Terence is his first out-of-the-country trip. I want him to experience a first world country in an affordable budget. Hong Kong is a developed Special Administrative Region of China where it boasts commercialism and tourist-friendly aura. It is a fusion of modern and cultural complexity – from skyscrapers to temples, from cheap shopping haven to signature brands, and from Chinese cuisine to diverse gastronomic desires. True enough, he enjoyed. So I want to share how we did our 4 days, 3 nights Hong Kong DIY  trip.

1. Book a promo fare

hong kong travel tips

Thank you to budget airlines we can fly to Hong Kong for affordable prices. If you are living in the Philippines or any Southeast Asian Country, you can avail of budget tours or promo fare from Cebu PacificAir Asia and Philippine Airlines. There are as low as PHP 2,000 all-in round trip fares if you get lucky.

#TravelJockTip:  They throw promos around 12 midnight so if you are insomniac, make sure to visit their websites.

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2. Book an accommodation at your preferred location

Hong Kong is not that big so whether you choose any location, you can still work your way anywhere through their gold standard transportation system. I stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui area and this is also my recommendation because you can have good but affordable hotel or hostels. Tsim Sha Tsui is also a shopping haven where you can find a street of signature brands and another street of giant bazaar with cheap products. It’s a walking district worthy of your time. It’s also where you can find the Avenue of Stars, similar to Hollywood’s walk of fame.

#TravelJockTip: You can book through or, there are good deals especially for credit card holders.

3. Research for attractions or tourist spots

Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars is HK’s version of Hollywood Walk of Fame. Catch Bruce Lee’s statue and other Asian stars’ commemorative plaques and enjoy a panoramic view of the skyscrapers. You may also check the Promenade and the Clock Tower here.

#TravelJockTip: At 8 pm, you can catch the Symphony of Lights for free at the Promenade.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Of course, the happiest place on earth is also franchised in Hong Kong, and you don’t wanna miss it for your second childhood especially if you have kids along with you. For HKD 499 (PHP 3,500), you can enjoy a whole magical day. Access it thru MTR Disneyland Resort Station. More details at Hong Kong Disneyland.

#TravelJockTip: Don’t miss the parade and fireworks before it closes at 9 pm.

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The Peak

Image credit: Hstoffels

The highest peak in Hong Kong Island, The Peak boasts the amazing view of HK’s skyline. Enjoy the thrilling ride of the Peak Tram going to the highest point bundle with Sky Terrace ticket for HKD 83 (PHP 500).

#TravelJockTip: Bring a jacket or sweater to protect you from the cool breeze.

Image credit: Filzstift

Image credit: Jakub Hałun

Ngong Ping 360

Explore Ngong Ping Village with the renowned Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping Piazza and Wisdom Path. Your journey starts by 25-minute cable car ride from Tung Chung that costs HKD 165 (PHP 1,000). It will give you a perfect bird’s eye view of Lantau Island.

#TravelJockTip: If you don’t have a big budget, just simply take a bus for HKD 30 (PHP 180). Buses also start at Tung Chung Terminal.

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Visit the nearby Macau

If you have an extra day, make sure to visit Macau with just an hour ferry away. The fare costs between HKD 130-170 (PHP 790-1,000) for a single trip. Explore the best casinos and hotels like The Venetian Macao, Grand Lisboa, MGM, Wynn, etc. Don’t forget to see the historical attractions such as the Ruins of St. Paul, Monte Fortress, St. Dominic Church and Senado Square.

#TravelJockTip: Ride the free shuttle service of casinos from Macau ferry terminal.

Ocean Park

Image credit: Jackl

I didn’t go to Ocean Park because I’m not really fond of theme parks but it is also something special. With HKD 345 (PHP 2,500), you can enjoy marine-life theme park and fun rides.

4. Familiarise yourself with the transportation system

The best transport system in the world and has been the standard, Hong Kong’s  Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is very impressive with its interconnected subway, touch and go fare system called the Octopus, on-time trains, glass doors blocking the tracks and friendly signage.

From the airport, you can take a bus or the Airport Express Train to the city proper but for those who don’t mind spending more, you can take a taxi.


Popular double-decker bus offers great views of the city and very comfortable with a space for your luggage. Bus routes cover almost all of Hong Kong. Fares are based on distance travelled and exact amount is required if paying by cash. Octopus cards are accepted on all buses in Hong Kong.


Image credit: Daniel Case

It’s nice to experience short distance ferry from Hongkong Island to Kowloon since HK is a coastal city. You get a good view of both islands for an affordable price. You may want to check out Star Ferry.

Image credit: Minghong


Image credit: Leesia

These double-decker streetcars have been travelling through Hong Kong’s busiest thoroughfares since 1904, and they continue to be an affordable and fun way to get around. No matter how far you travel, each tram ride costs a flat fare of HKD 2.30 (PHP 14). Exact amount is required if you are paying by cash.

#TravelJockTip: Review the bus and train stops and check what Exit you should take.

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5. Make an itinerary

There are people who want spontaneity in their trip, but if you happen to be like me who plans everything, here’s my sample itinerary.

#TravelJockTip: Research the attractions you want to visit and check the location, put together in one day the attractions with the same location to have a good time management.

6. Pack light

Since it’s 4 days, you can pack light and plan your clothing. I maybe the semi-backpacker type, but I tried to wear stylish comfortable clothes. If your day will start in a cold area, plan to wear sweater or jacket, but if you are planning to go to theme parks or have a walk in the city, try rubber shoes and comfy t-shirts.

#TravelJockTip: Don’t pack your jacket, just hand carry it to give ample space for other stuff.

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7. Have fun

Bring smile and patience for untoward incidents. Prepare plan B and C just in case something comes up.

Note: Budget will depend on the number of people and the places you to eat. Be prepared with more or less PHP per person. It should be enough with your pasalubong (souvenir gift).

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