10 Places To Visit For A Girls' Trip You Won't Forget

10 Places To Visit with Your Girl Gang for A Getaway You’ll Never Forget

Psssst, no boys allowed.

As much as a romantic getaway with your beau sounds enticing, leave your man behind because it is seriously hard to beat a weekend trip with your girl squad. No matter where you find yourself, your girls will always be there for you. Take a holiday together to celebrate this special union – all the adventures over and done and all the adventures in store. 

We have left no stone unturned to reveal the greatest places you can visit with your sisters by heart. What’s left is for you to gather your female-only crew and live out your fantasy. Are you all ready to have a ball of a time? Girls just wanna have fun!

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. It isn’t given the sobriquet ‘sin city’ for no reason. There are numerous unconventional adventures awaiting you. From world-class nightclubs to luxurious casinos and interesting museums to exciting entertainment hubs, you and your gals will never have a dull moment.

2. New York City

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If shopping is at the top of your list, New York City is a haven for self-confessed shopaholics in its own right. You and your girl pals will leave with your wallets lighter than when you came. That’s not all that will make you all fall right in love with NYC; the hustle and bustle of Times Square, the vibrant scene in Soho, and Central Park – there’s nothing you can’t do now you’re in New York!

3. Cancun, Mexico

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A girls’ trip conjures images of a raucous term-break party reminiscent of your teenhood. At Cancun, the late night scene is aplenty and you and your girls are bound to get a buzz out of the lively scene. Indulge in tacos and burritos on nearly every street corner after a crazy night out. Spice up the vacation by snorkelling at the Cancun Underwater Museum to revel at the 470 statues still affixed to the ocean floor.

4. Monaco, French Riviera

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It may be the second smallest country in the world, but the opulence of this 400-hectare land will blow your mind. You can catch sight of the glitziest super yachts, high-end cars and people watch the most affluent international residents strutting down the streets. If your group of girls fancy a lavish vacation, then Monaco is the place to be, but be prepared to fritter money away!

5. Amalfi Coast, Italy

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Amalfi Coast is one of if not the most beautiful destinations in Italy. It boasts mesmerising jagged cliffs, glistening Mediterranean waters, idyllic villages and charming seaside towns – the ingredients for a quintessential summer vacation with your girlfriends. You can have all the fun in the sun imaginable on this vibrant and vivacious Italian coastline. 

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai is a city that demands attention. A trip to Dubai with your girls will be the luxurious escapade you have been yearning for come to life. Shop till you drop at the impressive mega malls and be in awe of the glistening skyline dotted with super structures. Embark on the ultimate travel experience, a desert safari, for a striking contrast to the frenetic pace in Downtown Dubai. Pamper yourselves at one of the best spas in the world to get that enviable post-holiday glow – the cherry on top of your sumptuous sojourn. 

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7. Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok, dubbed the most visited city in the world, boasts an eclectic mix of entertainment. Think bustling markets where you can haggle your way to get the best bargain, cheap street food, the notorious tuk tuk and shimmering pagodas – there is something unique for everyone in your gang to enjoy individually and en masse. 

8. Goa, India 

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It is no secret that Goa is a favourite beach destination and it can be too for you and your lot. A kaleidoscopic amalgamation of Indian and Portugese cultures that are palpable at every nook and cranny, the laid back lifestyle that will rub off on you girls, the unending stretches of waves gently lapping the pristine shore and the eminent hippy vibe – Goa beckons to be explored. 

9. Bali, Indonesia

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Bali is undoubtedly a piece of heaven on earth. The mere mention of Bali evokes images of paradise. It essentially boasts every kind of natural beauty – astounding waterfalls, lush rainforests, mystical temples, verdant rice fields and beautiful rivers. It’s no wonder that Bali isn’t simply an island like no other, it is a tropical state of mind. There is a wide array of activities for every audacious soul in your mob and a number of ways to steep yourselves in wellness and healing at this island of the gods. 

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot with many cultures from all over the globe nesting in this vibrant capital of Malaysia. Marvel at the multifarious sights and flavours it boasts bearing testament to its multicultural mix of people. The glistening city with majestic skyscrapers towering high up in the sky also manifests modernism, making it a stunning juxtapose. You and your girls will be in for an experience unlike any other. 

Passport ✓ Sunscreen ✓ Cute clothes ✓ Entertainment ✓ Laughter ✓ Boys   

Where will your gang be heading to for a girls’ trip that will perpetually remain etched in your memory? 


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