Everest 2024: Nepal to Require Tracking Chip for Climbers

Everest 2024: Nepal to Require Tracking Chip for Climbers

Safety first! A new initiative for climbers dreaming of conquering the iconic mountain.

Mount Everest hopefuls, listen up: As you gear up for your attempt to conquer the “roof of the world,” be prepared for a new regulation. Nepal has announced that starting in the 2024 climbing season, all climbers on Mount Everest must rent and wear a tracking chip for safety reasons. Learn more about the new rule below.

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What to know about the new Mount Everest tracking chip requirement

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Climbing season on the world’s highest mountain is about to begin. From late March to the end of May, mountaineers from all over the world will make their way to base camp in hopes of conquering the iconic peak. In a bid to make Mount Everest a safer place in 2024, the Nepalese government has announced that anyone trekking up the mountain will be required to rent and wear a tracking chip on their bucket list expedition. 

Basically, this initiative aims to improve climber safety. How? By significantly reducing search and rescue times in the event of an accident. 

Here’s how it works: Mountain climbers will rent a tracking chip for about $10–15 (S$13–20) as they begin their Everest journey. The chips will be sewn into climbers’ jackets for the duration of the Everest climb. Afterwards, make sure you return them to the local Nepalese authorities. As mountaineers trek, climb, and scramble up the top of the world, these GPS devices will constantly transmit their location to search and rescue teams. In the future, the new requirement will theoretically allow for faster response during emergencies.

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Stay safe in the mountains!

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There’s no doubt about it: Mount Everest is a formidable mountain. A total of 478 climbers attempted to summit Everest in 2023; among them, 12 lost their lives. Not only are risks significant, but the extreme height and harsh conditions also make rescue efforts incredibly challenging. As travellers once again take on the treacherous slopes, the Nepal government hopes that the new tracking chip requirement will contribute to a safer and more successful climbing season.

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Look no further than the world’s highest peak for your next adventure! After all, the new tracking chip requirement reflects Nepal’s commitment to safety on Mount Everest. So, it’s more welcoming to climbers than ever. What else is on your bucket list this year?

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