The First Filipino Olympics Gold Medallist And Her Insane Prizes

The First Filipino Olympics Gold Medallist And Her Insane Prizes

BRB, we're joining the next Olympics.

Hidilyn Diaz is officially the Philippines’ first Olympics gold medallist, after winning the women’s 55 kg weightlifting competition at Tokyo 2020, or the Tokyo Olympics. She’s also the first Filipina to earn the recognition since the Philippines joined the international multi-sport event nearly a century prior, with an impressive combined weight of 224 kg lifted.

With her record-breaking stint, it leads some to question: What exactly does an Olympic gold medallist from a country like the Philippines actually get?

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Filipino Olympics gold medallist prizes

According to the Philippine Republic Act No. 10699, or the National Athletes and Coaches Benefits and Incentives Act, Diaz gets a ₱10 million cash prize as a start. This is equivalent to about S$270,000 or US$200,000. For context, in the Philippines, such an amount of money can get you a house and lot in or near Manila up to 200 sqm.

While it could depend on future wins, Diaz is also taking home an additional ₱25.5 million as gifts from Filipino entrepreneurs and government officials. Tycoons Manny Pangilinan and Ramon Ang have each pledged ₱10 million, while the remaining ₱5.5 million will come from Deputy Speaker of the House Mikee Romero and Zamboanga City, where Diaz hails from.

That’s not all. The 30-year-old Filipino Olympics gold medallist is receiving the following as well:

  • ₱5 million cash and a lifetime free fuel
  • House and lot in Tagaytay City, just south of Manila
  • Additional government-given ₱3 million cash and a house and lot in Zamboanga City
  • Residential condominium unit in a Philippine luxury mixed-use development complex
  • A lifetime of free flights from AirAsia
  • 80,000 annual free miles from Philippine Airlines
  • Brand-new Foton Transvan
  • Promotion to staff sergeant at the Philippine Air Force
  • Presidential Medal of Merit
  • Brand incentives and commercial endorsements

Before her participation in Tokyo 2020, Diaz won a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She is also the ninth athlete from the Philippines to take home a medal from the Summer Olympics.

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