These 20 El Nido Photos Prove It Truly is a Heaven on Earth

These 20 Incredible Photos Prove El Nido is Truly a Heaven on Earth

These El Nido photos will make you fall in love with this paradise!

I just came from an El Nido getaway, and I must say that this paradise really stole my heart! A part of me is still left there and until now, I couldn’t help but look at our photos, reminiscing the good four days of pristine beaches, colourful marine life, heavenly food and genuinely kind locals. Ahh, the sweet El Nido life – I’m truly missing it.

Now back to reality, let me share with you some incredible El Nido photos that will certainly capture your heart!

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1. This stunning view will greet you

el nido photos

Image credit: MrGaryLarson

2. Welcome to El Nido Town!

El Nido Town

Image credit: Chill and Travel

3. Kayaking around the Small Lagoon is a must!

el nido small lagoon

Image credit: Hector Jasmin

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4. Wait! Don’t use all your energy. There’s still a Big Lagoon!

El Nido Big Lagoon

Image credit: Cédric Buffler

5. Cudugnon Cave is definitely not for the claustrophobic

Cudugnon Cave

Image credit: denAsuncioner

6. Time to go beachin’ at the 7 Commandos Beach

7 Commandos Beach

Image credit: Allan Ascaño

7. Go hide yourself at this Hidden Beach

take hidden beach as one of your El Nido photos

Image credit: marako85 via Canva Pro

8. Shhh… This is only a Secret… Beach

El Nido Secret Beach

Image credit: denAsuncioner

9. Pasandigan Beach is all yours! But not quite exactly — you share it with the monkeys!

Pasandigan Beach

Image credit: Chill and Travel

10. Vroom away to Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach

Image credit: Allan Ascaño

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11. Slither your way to Snake Island

El Nido Snake Island

Image credit: denAsuncioner

12. Laze on the white sand beach of Bucal Island

Bucal Island

Image credit: denAsuncioner

13. Nemo?! Dory!? Is that you?

el nido snorkelling

Image credit: Chill and Travel

14. Ahhh, the idyllic sunset

El Nido sunset

Image credit: mendhak

15. Fresh, healthy grubs. I <3 El Nido indeed!

el nido food

Image credit: Chill and Travel

16. Crabs, anyone?


Image credit: nybanez via Canva Pro

17. Let’s just have a seafood feast!

el nido food

Free lunch during our island hopping | Image credit: Chill and Travel

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18. Pasta lovers, here’s one for you!

Art Cafe El Nido

Dinner at Art Cafe | Image credit: Chill and Travel

19. You see?! Foreign visitors can’t get enough of El Nido! How much more if you’re a Filipino?

20. Definitely the reason why I can’t say goodbye to El Nido just yet…

el nido locals

Image credit: denAsuncioner

Love these El Nido photos? Here’s to inspire you even more!

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