7 Packing Videos That Every Traveller Needs to Watch

7 Packing Videos That Every Traveller Needs to Watch

The simple packing tips and hacks that you’re about to discover will change the way you pack your suitcase forever.

Travelling is fun and exciting. The packing for it, however, sometimes isn’t. I feel like the only time I was excited about packing for a trip was the very first time I flew on an airplane. It’s good to know that there are people out there who have perfected their skills in packing and decided to share it with the world. Since we all love life hack videos, here are seven packing videos that are not only “good-to-knows” but are also “must-knows” to make you a happy packer.

1. Packing for your carry-on

The greatest packing discovery this millennium is that you can roll your clothes instead of folding them. Rolling clothes makes them less wrinkly and gives you more space in your suitcase for other things. This video will show you how to minimise clothes’ space, organise jewellery, and properly store liquids.

2. Packing for children

Whether you’re the mom or dad or the designated packer for the kids coming on your trip, this video will help you figure out the essentials on what to bring for your small human companions. One good tip is to give kids their own mini suitcases so that they get to choose the extra stuff they want to bring.

3. Packing for the Cold

Packing for the cold climate is often times difficult especially when you’re from a tropical country. There are knitted sweaters, scarves and boots to consider. This video hack will advise you on the best clothes to bring and how to resourcefully pack them in.

4. Packing a Winter Coat

In light of packing for the cold climate, a life hacker figured out the science in packing a bulky winter coat. Watch and be enlightened in this hacking video.

5. Packing for a business trip

The most frequent travellers are those travelling around for business. It doesn’t hurt to learn a thing or two from these pro travellers who have turned packing into a modern art form. From packing for leather duffel bags to hard-shell vintage-style suitcases, these posh gentlemen will teach business travellers to wear suits instead of packing them, store ties inside dress shoes, and to try not to forget the cufflinks.

6. Packing for a backpack

The Vagabrothers have travelled the glaciers of Iceland to the deserts of Arabia in six months with just a carry-on backpack. Impressed much? Their secret is in packing lightweight clothing that can be used in a variety of climates. Admire their sense of functionality and learn to backpack like a pro by watching this how-to video.

7. Travel Hacks that You Need in Your Life

YouTube is a goldmine for life hacks and YouTuber Shelby Church is just golden in travel hacks. While this is not really a packing video, this will list down the amazing tips that every traveller should know. She shares real-life advice on how to score First Class upgrades, earn free flights through airline credit, and free upgrades on hotels. Such wonderful travelling sorcery in a seven-minute video.

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