11 Long Weekends for Malaysians in 2015

11 Long Weekends for Malaysians in 2015

No, you’re not reading it wrong - there will be up to ELEVEN long weekends for Malaysians in 2015! Take a look at our calendar and start planning your getaways!

Long weekends – don’t those two words just sound blissful to you? We have collated the public holidays in Malaysia in 2015, and next year is shaping up to be a fantastic year in terms of vacation time – for some, there will be 11 long weekends in 2015!

Different states in Malaysia have different holidays, so your number of long weekends may differ depending on your location. At the very least, you will have 8 long weekends, giving you plenty of time for quick getaways round the year. Only a maximum of 3 days of leave will be needed for you to get all those long weekends – isn’t that great?

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We’ve plotted out all the dates on a handy calendar for you – pin it up at your workplace and fantasise about all those long weekends as you work! Why not share it with your friends as well and start discussing about how to spend all that free time?

Do note that these dates are still preliminary, and may be subject to change. Still, it’s a good time to start planning your holidays – for more inspiration, take a look at TripZilla’s travel packages and tours!

For Singaporeans, take a look at this article instead to find out how many long weekends Singapore has in 2015!

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