Legoland Malaysia is Opening a Sea Life Aquarium in End 2018

Legoland Malaysia is Opening a Sea Life Aquarium in End 2018

This new aquarium in Legoland Malaysia has 25 display tanks and 11 habitat zones, including a special Malaysia Rainforest zone which houses the world's largest flower, Rafflesia. Here's another to-go place in Johor Bahru!

Marine life and wildlife lovers! If you love to visit aquariums and appreciate the wonders of aquatic life, here is another upcoming underwater attraction in Southeast Asia that you might want to add to your travel bucket list.

Image credit: Phalinn Ooi

Legoland Malaysia Resort, situated at Johor Bahru, is seeing its newest addition of the SEA LIFE Aquarium in the fourth quarter of 2018. Here is a sneak peek of what is in store:

Two-storey aquarium with more than 25 display tanks and 11 habitat zones

Image credit: Legoland Malaysia

Nestled among Legoland Malaysia Hotel, Legoland Malaysia Theme Park and Water Park, the two-storey SEA LIFE Aquarium will occupy a spacious land area of 2,123 square metres. Visitors can look forward to 25 or more display tanks, organised into 11 habitat zones.

Nine featured key habitat zones

Image credit: Legoland Malaysia

Image credit: Legoland Malaysia

The nine different habitat zones are namely Shoaling Ring, Malaysia Rainforest, Rock Pool, Seahorses, Tropical Stingray Bay, Coral Reef, Jellies, Ocean View and Ocean Tunnel.

Visitors can expect to be fully surrounded by schools of fishes at the Shoaling Ring exhibit, feast their eyes on thousands of marine creatures – from cute seahorses to humongous sharks – at Ocean View and Ocean Tunnel, and get up close with sea stars and urchins at the Rock Pool.

Walking through every zone creates an all-round learning experience that brings visitors on a voyage to the depth of the oceans.

Malaysia Rainforest habitat zone housing the world’s largest flower

Image credit: Jason

Unique to SEA LIFE Aquarium at Legoland Malaysia, the Malaysia Rainforest habitat zone is specially designed to educate visitors and tourists on Malaysia’s local flora and fauna. One highlight of this zone is the iconic Rafflesia flower, the world’s largest and smelliest flower.

Special behind-the-scenes tour of SEA LIFE Malaysia

A special behind-the-scenes tour is available for visitors to learn about the importance of the oceans’ inhabitants and understand the everyday work of the passionate aquatic staff at SEA LIFE Malaysia. Visitors can find out how animal healthcare and food preparation are conducted for all sea creatures in the aquarium.

Quirky LEGO exhibits of sea creatures and mini-figures

Staying true to the title of Legoland Malaysia Resort, interesting LEGO sea creatures and LEGO mini-figures will be incorporated within the SEA LIFE aquarium.

Since its opening in 2012, Legoland Malaysia has consistently added new attractions such as Star Wars Miniland and the recently launched virtual reality roller coaster to lure more tourists.

Legoland Malaysia expects this new marine life attraction, a joint venture with the world’s largest global aquarium entrepreneur, Merlin Entertainments, to further enhance visitors’ experience and bolster overall visitor numbers.

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