Winter Wonder-Japan: Exclusive Winter Travel Packages by JTB Travel

Winter Wonder-Japan: Visit The Cute Snow Monkeys & More With Exclusive JTB Travel Packages

JTB Travel has got you covered with these fantastic Japan winter travel packages!

It’s about that time of the year again, when the weather starts to dips south and everyone is thinking about their next holiday during the year-end festivities. While Japan is well-known for its spring blooms and autumn colours, Japan’s winter offers a wide variety of experiences and places waiting to be explored!

Thinking of heading to Japan during the winter but have no idea where to start? JTB Travel has got you covered with these fantastic travel packages!

Winter Gourmet & Snow Monkey in Central Japan 8D6N

Price: From S$ 2,988
Departure: 8,12, 17 Dec 2018; 12,17 Jan 2019

Discover the beauty of mountainous regions, refresh your senses at traditional ryokan stays and dig into delectable Japanese cuisine as you travel through Central Japan with this 8D6N package.

Image credit: Tsuda

Nestled in the heart of Japan’s mountainous centre, Takayama Old Town and Shirakawago offer million-dollar views of the traditional shophouses and quaint straw houses covered in a layer of pure white snowfall. Kawagoe Old Town near Tokyo provides a glimpse into the flourishing times of the Edo period, while visiting the Old Samurai Residence in Nagamachi brings you back to the lives of the ruling class of ancient Japan.

Image credit: Makoto Nakashima

Feel the rush of wind above you and the snow beneath at the Ryou Ski Park, right in the heart of the Japanese Alps. Unfamiliar with how to ski or snowboard? Sign up for a lesson and you’ll be enjoying these winter sports in no time!

Hell awaits you at Jigokudani Monkey Park (literally Hell’s Valley Monkey Park), but not to worry – these loveable red-faced snow monkeys will be there to give you a warm welcome!

Image credit: Takashi Muramatsu

The Winter Gourmet & Snow Monkey in Central Japan 8D6N tour will then take you to enjoy a painstakingly prepared kaiseki (Japanese multi-course dinner) and buffets at various ryokans and hotels throughout your trip. A wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) making experience makes for a sweet cherry on top!

Winter Fantasy in 7-Prefectures of Kyushu Japan 9D7N

Price: From S$3,388
Departure: 16 Dec 2018; 16 & 29 Jan 2019

Kyushu, Japan’s southern main island, is rich with history and cultural heritage, breathtaking beauty and awesome hot springs. If you’re hoping to sample what Kyushu has to offer, JTB Travel’s 9D7N Winter Fantasy package has got you covered.

Image credit: Einheit 00

Have fun preparing seasoned seaweed, snuggle deep in a hot sand steam bath and view nature’s fury at Arimura Lava Observatory and Lava Nagisa Park. The beautiful Takachiho Gorge is worthy of more than just a few snaps of the camera, and so is the night view atop the Inasayama Observatory.

Image credit: Tzuhusn Hsu

This trip will also take you to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, an important shrine dedicated to the kami of scholarship and learning, and Obi Castle, which is in the heart of the ‘Little Kyoto’ of Kyushu. Learn about the horrors of war in Nagasaki at the Peace Memorial Park and walk around the traditional British homes at the nearby Glover Garden.

Image credit: shinji_w

At the end of the day, unwind at any of the many onsens at Takeo, Ibusaki, Miyazaki and Beppu – the region’s hot spring towns, and savour delectable fare at the many buffets and kaiseki available.

Open your eyes to a side of Japan beyond its bustling cities. Embark on a memorable journey in Kyushu with JTB Travel’s 9D7N Winter Fantasy package today!

Hokkaido Icebreaker & Winter Lights 9D6N

Price: From S$3,488
Departure: 12 & 18 Feb 2019

Image credit: JTB Travel

No place speaks winter in Japan like Hokkaido, which is already one of Japan’s coolest places year-round. Explore Hokkaido with JTB Travel’s Icebreaker Package and embark on a Drift Ice Cruise across frozen waters. If that isn’t enough snow and ice for you, you can even participate in a Drift Ice Walk or Wakasagi Fishing on Ice! At night, visit the Sounkyo Ice Festival and walk through life-sized snow structures that will be lit up beautifully in an array of beautiful colours.

Image credit: Julie Edgley

At the Akan International Crane Centre, be mesmerised by the endangered Japanese Cranes taking flight against a snow-white backdrop. Have your breath taken away as you tread through the snowy pathways leading to the Ginga and Ryusei Waterfalls in Sounkyo.

Image credit: sodai gomi

With JTB Travel’s Icebreaker Package, foodies will be in for a treat. Savour a winter exclusive crab kaiseki for dinner in Sapporo, and if you’re craving for more local eats, Sakaimachi Street in Otaru has got you covered with its wide array of local eateries.

Winter Story in North Central Japan 8D5N

Price: From S$ 3,698
Departure: 10, 17 Jan 2019

The Winter Story North Central Japan 8D5N Package strikes the perfect balance between fantastic winter views, delicious food, relaxing stays and cultural experiences. Marvel at pristine snow landscapes at the Zao Ropeway and Tanigawadake Ropeway, or engage in the thrill of winter sports and unwind at the Minakami Onsen Ski Park.

Image credit: JTB Travel

Learn more about Northern Japan’s rich history at the Northern Culture Museum, where the tea room overlooks a rustic garden with breathtaking winter scenery. Tread through the snow to visit Uesugi Shrine, a shrine dedicated to Uesugi Kenshin who was one of Japan’s bravest warriors. Feel the sea breeze at Matsushima, home to several temples and one of Japan’s most scenic destinations.

Image credit: JTB Travel

Other than digging into sumptuous kaiseki, the Winter Story North Central Japan 8D5N Package will also give you the chance to harvest seasonal fruits and explore a Japanese Sake Brewery.

Image credit: JTB Travel

Winter Snow Fun & Onsen Indulgence 8D7N

Price: From S$2,798
Departure: 14, 28 Jan; 12 Feb; 04 Mar 2019

Image credit: JTB Travel

If you’re looking for ample opportunities to unwind amidst snowy fun, this Winter Snow Fun & Onsen Indulgence 8D7N package by JTB Travel is just the thing for you. Unwind at some of the best Japanese onsens in Kawaguchiko, Ikenotaira and Yudanaka Onsen and play to your heart’s content at the Ikenotaira Snow Park.

Get your cameras ready too, as there will be visits to Arakurayama Sengen Park where you’ll take in the picture-perfect views of Oshino Hakkai, the picturesque village in the Fuji Five Lake region that features in the foreground of many shots of Mount Fuji.

Image credit: Tak H.

Have fun harvesting the season’s bounty of strawberries, taste wine at the Marusu Winery in Yamanashi and sample some authentic wasabi at Daio Wasabi Farm. If you’re into handicrafts, you’ll take interest in the Daruma Painting Experience in Takasaki, clock-making workshop and museum experience.

Image credit:

Visit the Matsumoto Castle, one of Japan’s beloved national treasures, and learn more about the city in the nearby City Museum. Similarly, the Winter Snow Fun & Onsen Indulgence 8D7N package will take you to the Jigokudani Monkey Park as well!

Image credit: edskoch

Winter Harmony in Classic Japan 8D5N

Price: From S$ 3,488
Departure: 10, 11, 16, 18, 23 Dec 2018; 21 Jan; 07 Feb 2019

Have the best of both worlds as you travel to both Japan’s historic centre and its capital city with the Winter Harmony in Classic Japan 8D5N package by JTB Travel.

Visit some of Kansai’s well-loved icons such as the Osaka Castle, Nara Deer Park, Kinkakuji Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto.

Have a taste of Japanese street fare and snag some of the Kyoto’s local specialities at Nishiki Market. Then, head over to Hikone’s Castle Road and walk along the shophouses modelled after architecture from the Edo period.

Image credit: Michael Day

Board the Shinkansen which will take you to Atami, a seaside town famous for its resorts and hot springs. Then, head over to Kawaguchiko in the Fuji Five Lakes region to view Mt Fuji from across its beautiful lake, and learn more about conservation efforts at the Mt Fuji World Heritage Centre.

Image credit: Marufish

Soak up the winter season at night and visit the Yamanakako Art Illumination which will transport you to a fantastical world after dark. Then, the Winter Harmony in Classic Japan 8D5N package will bring you to Tokyo, where you’ll visit Asakusa, a site rich in both cultural heritage and multiple shopping arcades. At night, be dazzled by the Tokyo Mid Town Illumination which houses the beautiful Starlight Garden.

Japan truly is a place of wonder all through the year, but winter provides one of the most magical and breathtaking experiences the country can offer.  Why not leave it to JTB Travel to make sure you get one of the most memorable year-end trips you have ever taken?

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