Japan to Launch Unlimited Expressway Passes for Travellers

Japan to Launch Unlimited Expressway Passes for Travellers

Time to plan a road trip, because unlimited expressway passes for foreign visitors will soon go on sale in Japan.

Good news, future road trippers in Japan!

In mid-October, a new expressway pass for foreign visitors will be launched. With this pass, travellers will gain unlimited travel on tolled roads, making road trips in Japan even more hassle-free!

The Japan Expressway Pass covers 10,000 kilometres of expressway networks across the country, with the exception of the expressways in Hokkaido (which already has an expressway discount in place) and the metropolitan areas around Tokyo and Osaka.

It will be available at 275 car rental shops across the country and it is compatible with standard-sized cars fitted with an electronic toll collection device. The one-week pass is priced at ¥20,000 (US$178) while the two-week pass costs ¥34,000 (US$302).

Currently, there are also regional passes in Hokkaido, Tohoku and Kyushu for foreign visitors. The new expressway pass, however, will definitely make it easier for cross-country trips!

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