21 Famous Local Foods to Travel The World For

21 Famous Local Foods to Travel The World For

A good holiday cannot be complete without tasting the best food a city has to offer. Here's a list of amazing food around the world every foodie must try.

A good holiday cannot be complete without tasting the best food a city has to offer.

Be it a Michelin-starred restaurant or a backstreet cafe, culinary tours are one of the many types of holidays that are popular today.

In the beginning, the food tours that were available are cooking classes in France or wine-tasting at the vineyards. These days, travel companies are also offering up street food tours to let tourists have a “taste” of local history and culture through their taste buds.

Tourists can join such tours available around the world, from the towns of Turkey or to the back streets of India. They get to sample what the locals enjoy for their daily meals and also, what they have for a pick-me-up snack.

Through these local foods, travellers get to experience and be part of the local culture, while sampling dishes prepared with local ingredients which are not found elsewhere. It is also interesting to see how the local vendors put personal spins to otherwise traditional dishes.

Halusky is one of Slovakia’s national dish and is described as being similar to Italy’s gnocchi – a type of small dumpling dish. Different chefs create their own fillings to make their version unique and delicious, and pairing the dish up with a drink like a yoghurt-based kefir or a glass of white wine.

Yakitori – grilled meat on a stick – is a popular street food to have with a couple of pints of beer. This snack can be found in high-end restaurants to vendors grilling it on an open fire at a night market. This traditional Japanese treat has evolved to include different kinds of meat and even non-meat versions.

Food is an integral part of culture and each meal is a form of education of the city you are visiting. Take a look at these international food worth travelling for.

1. Anticuchos – Peru

international food

Image credits: Manuel González Olaechea y Franco

Anticuchos are cuts of beef heart marinated with sauces, skewered and grilled on an open flame. This dish is native to Peru and can be found in many parts of South America as well. A popular street food, it can cost less than $1 per stick/serving.

2. Asado – Argentina

Image credits: James

Another well-known South American cuisine is the barbecue technique called asado, where undressed meats are grilled for around two hours and is a must-have at gatherings. It is said to be closely associated with Argentina but can also be found in different variations in other countries in the region such as Chile, Brazil and Peru.

3. Baklavas – Turkey

Image credits: H. Y. Karaahmet

Made from philo pastry and grounded pistachios, baklava is a Turkish pastry that comes in many shapes and sizes. Though the fillings may differ from recipe to recipe, the geometric-shaped pastry is recognisable and delicious no matter how it is done. The affordable treat is usually enjoyed with bitter tea, to off-set its sweetness. It is made with layers of filo sheets, with honey and chopped nuts drizzled upon each sheet. It is baked in the oven to get its crisp texture. This Turkish pastry is so popular that it can be found as far as the Mediterranean and even to Iran and Greece.

4. Balik ekmek – Turkey

Image credits: hungryandconfused.com

From the sweet, we move to a savoury street food that can also be found in Turkey. Fish lovers will enjoy this grilled mackerel sandwich dressed with fresh vegetables and roasted peppers. This snack, balik ekmek, is sold by street vendors along the alleys and also floating on the boats along the Galata and Atatürk bridges in Istanbul.

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5. Callaloo – Caribbean

Image credits: caribbeanpot.com

Over in the Caribbean, travellers can enjoy a side dish made from all the vegetables available in town, like water spinach, dasheen, and amaranth. The dish originated from West Africa and today can be found in many variations from the way it is made and from the combination of ingredients. There are also non-vegetarian versions with seafood and meats added in to enhance the taste.

6. Cemita – Mexico

Image credits: thefreshloaf.com

A dish from the city of Puebla in Mexico, Business Insider called cemita the “ultimate burger”. It is a huge burger filled with many fresh ingredients and meat of choice. It is definitely a meal for a very hungry traveller. Some of the vegetables between the buns are sliced avocado, quesillo, onions, pápalo, and salsa roja.

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7. Chapulines – Mexico

Image credits: Meutia Chaerani

Another popular street food in Mexico is chapulines. This treat, however, is not for the faint-hearted. Chapulines is a grasshopper snack usually available in the summer. This crunchy snack can be founded marinated with garlic, lime juice and salt, and can be bought markets and major venues like sports stadiums.

8. Chicken and waffles – United States

Image credits: Arnold Gatilao

Brunch is a meal where people combine breakfast and lunch. Somebody got the idea to combine breakfast and lunch dishes, creating fried chicken and waffles. Instead of having fried chicken with fries or mashed potatoes, people in the South of the United States, enjoy their fowl with a platter of waffles. Drizzled with syrup and sometimes even hot sauce, the odd dish has caught on in popularity and is even a main at fast food chain Popeyes.

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9. Cioppino – United States

Image credits: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Another popular dish in the United States is a seafood stew created by Italian fishmongers in San Francisco. The delicious soup can be found on bars along the beach to even high-end restaurants. It is made with a combination of different seafoods like fish, scallops, mussels and crabs.

10. Fufu – Ghana

Image credits: Londonsista

Over in Ghana, a dish which is similar to Japan’s mochi can be found. Called the fufu, the dish is made from cassava and plantains which have been pounded into a dough. Business Insider said that fufu is made from boiled and pounded cassava and plantains. It is said to have a mashmallow fluff consistency and has a semi-sweet flavour. To eat it, one tears a bit of the dough to dip in a sauce or soup.

11. Halusky – Slovakia

Image credits: Foxburg alias Pavel Liska

In the United States, they have macaroni and cheese, in Slovakia, they have the halusky. It is a creamy and cheesy dish consisting of potato dumplings and topped with chopped bacon. It is a comforting meal to have with sour milk in the winter. The city of Turecká even hosts an annual halusky festival, with an eating competition as one of the highlights.

12. Koshary – Egypt

Image credits: londonist.com

Koshary, a dish from Egypt, is a similar dish to the halusky except it is made with rice, chickpeas and tomato. It is a great dish for travellers who are vegan.

13. Khao Soi – Thailand

Image credits: Takeaway

If you are in Southeast Asia, don’t miss out on this delicious noodle soup that can be found in Laos, Thailand and Burma. Made with fermented soybeans and coconut milk, the curried soup sometimes contains fried rice noodles. Different versions of the noodle soup dish emerges from the cities but it is always tasty.

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14. Lobster soup – Iceland

Image credits: mixstuff.ru

Lobster can be found in any restaurant in Iceland and one of the popular dishes is lobster soup. The lobster is broiled in garlic butter and then added to a creamy soup base. It is a comfort food for hungry travellers visiting Iceland during the cold winter season.

15. Paratha – India

Image credits: Kirti Poddar

Even though prata or paratha can be found in many places in Southeast Asia, it is still a unique experience tasting paratha in the country where it was created. This savoury bread can be stuffed with meat or vegetables like onions or chives. It is eaten on its own or dipped in butter, yoghurt and even tea.

16. Pastilla – Morocco

Image credits: Krista

Like the paratha, pastilla is also another food item made with dough. However, this is not a street food but an appetiser for special occasions. In Morocco, this flaky pastry is made with spices such as saffron and coriander and stuffed with meat. After baking in the oven, the pastry is topped with powdered sugar.

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17. Picarones – Peru

Image credits: wikimedia.org

A sinful deep-fried treat, picarones can be found in the streets of Peru. This doughnut dessert is made with sweet potato. Picaron is translated as someone who is naughty or mischievous.

18. Vadai – India

Image credits: lekhafoods.com

Similar to Peru’s picarones, vadai is the Indian version of a deep-fried snack. They are made from lentil, potato and onions, and is considered a breakfast food in Southern India and Sri Lanka. It can be eaten on its own or dipped with a sauce or soup. It can be a spicy treat as chopped chilli can be found inside.

19. Pintxos – Spain

Image credits: maureenclancy.com

Over in Spain, a spread of cured meats, smoked fish, cheeses and vegetables can be found “spiked” onto breads. This spread is known as pintxos. They can be found in restaurants and beer bars as an appetiser or bite-sized item for patrons to enjoy with wine or beer. Pintxos can be found as a spread served in classy restaurants when better and higher quality meats and ingredients are used.

20. Poutine – Canada

Image credits: Yuri Long

Poutine is a popular Canadian dish founded in the French province of Quebec. It is a must-have dish after a night of clubbing or to accompany burgers or fried chicken. It is traditionally served with french fries, curd cheese and dressed with warm gravy. The dish has evolved to include many versions including one that has foie-gras and a curry gravy. Though the dish mainly uses curd cheese, many eateries are using other kinds of cheeses to create gourmet versions of poutine.

21. Yakitori – Japan

Image credits: livetraveljapan.com

Yakitori – grilled meat on a stick – is a popular street food to have with a couple of pints of beer in any Japanese eatery. This snack can be found easily, from high-end restaurants to vendors grilling it on an open fire at a night market. The traditional Japanese treat has evolved its variety to include different kinds of meat and even non-meat versions.

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