Guide to Yangmingshan National Park

Guide to Yangmingshan National Park

If you’d like to embark on a day trip away from the hustle and bustle of Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park is one that you’d not want to miss!

A short bus ride from the capital city of Taiwan will bring you to Yangmingshan National Park, which is known to be one of Taiwan’s most beautiful national parks. From its hot springs to the sulfur crystals, it is no wonder why it remains to be one of the most popular national parks in Taiwan till date.

How to get there

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As some roads in Yangmingshan may not be open to the public on weekends, the recommended method is to take the bus. From Taipei Main Station, you can take bus 260, or else Red 30 or 208 from Jiantan MRT Station works as well.

These bus services will bring you straight to Yangmingshan bus station, which is a 700m walk away from the visitor centre. However, if you’re going on a weekday, self-drive might be a preferred option as it makes getting to each of the viewpoints and restaurants along the way more accessible.

However, although there are no admission fees into Yangmingshan National Park, you may have to pay for parking in some of the car parks in its vicinity.

What to do at Yangmingshan National Park

There is quite a bit to see along the way while exploring Yangmingshan National Park, but these are a few popular attractions that you might want to check out.


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Built in 1969, Yangmingshuwu was originally used by President Chiang Kai-shek as a summer home. In fact, it is known for being the only residence that was personally picked and constructed by President Chiang. For all you history junkies, you should definitely make a stop here while you’re at Yangmingshan National Park. 

From its beginning as a forest park to what it is today, Yangmingshuwu has gone through many changes and reformations. Today, it remains as an important cultural and historical site in the national park that features natural and human history.

Address: 112, Taiwan, Taipei City, Beitou District, 陽明山中興路12號
Opening hours: Opens 9am to 4.30pm daily


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The Qingtiangang Grassland, also known as the “Sun Valley”, lies within the Datun Mountain Range. It was formed when the lava from Mount Zhugao flowed north after its eruption which formed a ranch and is used as a pasture for grazing cattle during the Japanese occupation.

It is no wonder why Qingtiangang is one of the most popular attractions of the national park, as you can look forward to enjoying amazing  views without having to hike too far out. You would definitely not want to miss out on basking in the lush greenery of this piece of land while you’re there. If you’re up for it, there are even a few short trails from the visitor centre that you can embark on!

Address: 111, Taiwan, Taipei City, Shilin District


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Situated at the northwestern foot of Mount Qixing, Xiaoyoukeng is a post-volcanic geological landscape area where you can expect to see steaming vents and sulfur deposits. Taking the scenic trail will bring you to sights like the fumaroles, sulfur crystals and hot springs that the attraction is known for.

However, due to the high levels of sulfur in the area, there is a very strong smell of rotten eggs here, but you’ll get used to it after awhile. For those who like to stroll through flora and fauna, we would recommend for you to take the Arrow Bamboo Trail, where you can see a variety of plants that grow in the volcanic areas.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can take the trail next to the Xiaoyoukeng parking lot, which leads to the top of Mount Qixing. This is the park’s highest peak, offering the best view of downtown Taipei.

Address: No. 69 Zhuzihu Road, Beitou District, Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Opening hours: Opens 9am to 4.30pm daily
Entrance fee: TWD 30


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The Lengshuikeng region was formed due to the accumulation of water when the lava from Mount Qixing and Mount Qigu formed a barrage, which slowly transformed the area into today’s landscape.

As its name suggests, the temperature of the water of this hot springs only reaches a maximum of 40°C which falls far below the temperature of other hot springs. Nonetheless, you can look forward to soaking your feet in the indoor bathing area after a long day of hiking and exploring.

Address: No. 170, Lane 101, Jingshan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Yangming Park, Flower Clock

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Situated near the Western entrance of the park, The Flower Clock is a large garden artwork that is difficult to miss. As the centrepiece of Yangmingshan National Park, it is usually one of the first few stops that visitors will make when exploring the national park.

Within the park, you can sit by the streams and fountains and chill while enjoying the cooler climate within the Chinese-style garden. If you’re there during the flower festival from December to April, you can also look forward to seeing seasonal blossoms like cherries, camellias, and azaleas.

Address: Yangmingshan National Park, Section 2, Hushan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112


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Known for its calla lily fields, Zhuzihu is nestled within the volcanic mountains in Yangmingshan, and is another popular attraction worth visiting. It is a quaint local farming village tucked away in the mountains of Yangmingshan, and is good for farming and harvesting rice paddies and crops.

Besides the beautiful calla lily fields, you can also explore the neighbouring pine and bamboo forests, view cherry trees, or browse through local farms and sample local treats. If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon away from the city, this is the place to be!

Address: 112, Taiwan, Taipei City, Beitou District

Menghuan Pond

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As part of an ecological protected area, Menghuan Pond looks like a dreamy wonderland due to the constant mist and fog. The water levels of this pond fluctuates between seasons and may even dry up during summer. It is also home to some of the rarest aquatic animals and plants!

There are two entrances to the hiking trails which will take you to Menghuan Pond. The Lengshui Trail stretches across 2.5km, and it’ll take approximately an hour and a half to complete it. Alternatively, you can also opt to self-drive to Menghuan Pond’s parking lot and start from there. However, the scenic view along the trail is worth it where you get to overlook Yangmingshan’s picturesque landscape.

Address: 112, Taiwan, Taipei City, Shilin District

Additional Tips

Before you embark on your journey to Yangmingshan National Park, here are some handy tips that you’d want to take note of!

Go prepared

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If you plan to embark on one of the hiking trails, do go prepared! Bring along snacks, mosquito repellent, a good hat, and even sunscreen as some of these trails do not provide much shelter. During the colder months, do remember to bring along a windbreaker as it can get pretty chilly. And of course – your camera to capture your experience along the way! 

Avoid weekends if possible

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If possible, head to the national park on a weekday. On weekends, the park will be a lot more packed than usual, with both locals and tourists coming from the city for a day trip. Heading up when the park is less crowded will allow you to have a more relaxed time there and also means better photo opportunities! Who’s up for that next Insta-worthy shot?

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