8 Must-Buy Treats From Bangkok's Big C Supercenter

8 Must-Buy Treats From Bangkok’s Big C Supercenter

If Korea has Lotte Mart, Thailand has Big C Supercenter! Patricia shows you 8 must-buy food items from the famous Big C Supercenter Rajdamri in Bangkok.

Whenever I travel, I make it a point to visit the drugstores, local traditional markets and supermarkets in the country. In Korea, we got Lotte Mart and in Bangkok, there’s Big C Supercenter.

Since most people would choose to stay in the vicinity of Pratunam, the most convenient Big C Supercenter would be Big C Supercenter Rajdamri which is located directly opposite Central World.

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If you are not sure on which products to get, fret not because Big C has it all planned out for you!

Big C Thai Favourite Products

1. Pad Thai stir-fry sauce

big c supercenter

Pad Thai stir-fry sauce

Since I love Pad Thai and I enjoy cooking, this went straight into my grocery basket without much thought. Who wouldn’t fancy whipping up some Thai food within minutes at the comfort of your own home? Plus, I haven’t met anyone whom doesn’t love Pad Thai!

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2. Thai milk tea

Nestea Milk Tea (Cha Yen)

When I saw this at Big C Supercenter, I almost screamed out loud. If you know me personally, I’m a big fan of Thai Iced Milk Tea. No matter how full I am, I will never fail to order a cup of Thai Iced Milk Tea whenever I have Thai food.

I always wondered how to make Thai Iced Milk Tea and I did try a couple of times but I didn’t succeed. So without much hesitation, I picked a pack of Thai Iced Milk Tea and off it went into my shopping basket.

3. Tom Yum instant noodles

#1 best-selling Tom yum seafood instant noodles

Although I’m not a big fan of instant noodles, we saw many tourists crowding around the aisle where instant noodles were displayed and this staff from Big C Supercenter Rajdamri told me that the Tom yum seafood instant noodles is the number 1 best selling product, followed by Tom yum goong instant noodles.

4. Tom Yum Goong instant noodles

#2 best-selling Tom yum goong instant noodles

We picked up both the Tom yum seafood and Tom yum goong instant noodles and our conclusion is go for the Tom yum seafood one! We didn’t really like the Tom yum goong instant noodles as we found the coconut milk taste too strong for our liking.

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5. Pocky


I guess this needs no explanation. My favourite Pocky are the ones with blueberries and strawberries bits.

6. Pretz


Likewise for Pretz which doesn’t require any further introduction since most of us are familiar with it. Do try the Tom yum flavoured ones. It’s a hit with most ladies in my office. You can see them munching on it during tea-break.

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7. Lays potato chips

Lays potato chips

They have got flavours such as sweet basil, something different from our usual sour cream and onion, etc.

8. Wang wang rice crackers

This is more affectionally known to us as Wang Wang Xue Bing. If you are into cutesy packaging like I am, this is definitely a must-buy because it’s too cute to be missed! You will get what I mean if you check out the photos below.

Aside from the food items featured above, I also came across some other interesting items.

Rilakkuma fans alert! You will be in for a treat because there are so many Rilakkuma snacks available!

And if you’re tired from all that grocery shopping, you will be pleased to know that there’s a mini kiosk within Big C Supercenter Rajdamri itself that provides drinking water! How nice isn’t it? I thought that was very thoughtful of them.

Drinking water kiosk at Big C Supercenter Rajdamri

My Big C Supercenter haul!

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Be sure to try any of these local treats when you visit Bangkok.

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