Iceland Has Been Named The Fastest Growing Travel Destination in Europe Right Now

Iceland Has Been Named The Fastest Growing Travel Destination in Europe Right Now

According to the European Travel Commission's latest report, many European countries are seeing double-digit growths in visitor arrivals during the first months of 2017.


The magical land of fire and ice shows no sign of stopping when it comes to tourist numbers. According to the latest edition of the European Travel Commission’s 2017 report on travel trends and prospects, Iceland is the fastest growing travel destination in Europe.

This country is experiencing a tourist surge that has been ongoing for seven consecutive years. In the first four months of 2017, the growth in foreign visitors in Iceland is 55.7% as compared to the same period last year.


The Blue Lagoon

This trendy Nordic nation captures the heart of travellers with its otherworldly landscapes encompassing glaciers, mountains, volcanoes and waterfalls, the geothermal baths, the black beaches and the majestic Icelandic horses, among others.

Beyond Iceland, the tourism in Europe is still growing rapidly despite growing concerns over safety in the region. According to the report, these are the other fastest-growing travel destinations in Europe: 

2. Montenegro

3. Malta

4. Finland

5. Cyprus

6. Bulgaria

7. Portugal

8. Serbia

9. Croatia

10. Spain

To view the full report titled “European Tourism – Trends & Prospects”, click here.

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