Malaysians are Bringing Smiles to Vaccination Centres By Dressing Up

Malaysians are Bringing Smiles to Vaccination Centres With Their Wacky Costumes

Not sure if vaccination centre or cosplay convention...

As the world continues the ongoing battle against COVID-19, vaccines have become that one beacon of light that suggests that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Malaysia is one such country that has made mass vaccination the key to ending the pandemic. 

Because of this, Malaysia has one of the fastest vaccination rates in the world! To date, almost half of the population have been fully vaccinated. But it is not just the numbers that are impressive, it’s how SOME Malaysians are turning up for their vaccinations. 

No, this isn’t a cosplay convention, it’s a vaccination centre in Malaysia! | Image credit: winniekim123

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As this amusing TikTok video shows, some cheeky Malaysians have made it a point to dress up for the occasion. And we don’t mean dress up like a nice tuxedo or dress. We’re talking about “Halloween-came-early” kinds of costumes! Check out our favourites so far: 

The T-Rex that started it all 

malaysia vaccination costumes

Image credit: Kenny Sia

If you want to know who started the trend of “dressing up for your vaccine,” look no further than Sarawakian Kenny Sia! After all, he was the first Malaysian to go viral for turning up at the vaccination centre in costume! 

Sporting a hilarious full-body T-Rex suit, Sia attracted attention (understandably so) wherever he went and probably inspired many other Malaysians to follow suit (pun not intended!) 


This Naruto that prioritises his health 

Image credit: @Safwnsmt (Twitter)

After all, how can he become hokage if he’s not vaccinated? 

Tanjiro needs some help with slaying the coronavirus 

malaysia vaccination costumes

Image credit: @Safwnsmt (Twitter)

They say that the Breath of Vaccine Style is quite effective against the virus!

And of course, Nezuko’s there too! 

Malaysia vaccination costumes

Image credit: mikazukiiiii_

Alright boys, you know the drill: Protect at all costs! 

Hollywood comes to life

Kylo Ren needs more than just The Force to stay protected

malaysia vaccination costumes

Image credit: Amer Alif Ameran

If even a Dark Lord of the Sith sees the benefit of getting vaccinated, you should too! 

The Avengers(?) of Health

malaysia vaccination cosutmes

Image credit: wanyoshiki

To be honest, this is #squadgoals in my opinion. And Batman does look like a legit costume!  

Bumblebee needs a vaccine (and maybe a refill of fuel)

Image credit: pierrephang 

Can we just spare a moment to appreciate how long it must have taken to put the costume on?

Valak The Nun makes an appearance

While all the other costumes no doubt brought a smile to the face of the medical officers on duty, we’re not sure if this one had the same effect. I mean, can you just imagine the reaction when this person walked through the door! Thankfully, this vengeful spirit left after getting vaccinated! 

Childhood Nostalgia

The health-conscious Red Ranger

Unfortunately, I don’t think he brought any of his zords. 

Tom &…wait, is that Rilakkuma? 

Image credit: pierrephang

But…what about Jerry? 

Forget Jerry, here’s Mickey! 

Now that the Mouse himself is inoculated, we hope that means there will be no more MCU movie delays. Pretty please?

A celebration of Chinese culture

Even a jiangshi needs protection

Thankfully, like Valak the Nun, he hopped away after receiving his shot! 

A princess from a forgotten dynasty

Malaysia vaccination costumes

Image credit: dapomekyaa

Judging by the caption (cantik means beautiful in Malay), her timeless beauty is just as captivating in the 21st century! 

This Chinese lion that seems so done with the pandemic

Image credit: cammymakeup

We feel you. We definitely feel you.

Finally, the God of Prosperity himself!

malaysia vaccination costumes

Image credit: ahlam_0127

We hear he handed out some gold ingots during his visit!

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Bring smiles in difficult times

While this was certainly a trend we did not expect, it is truly nice to see these creative Malaysians going out of their way to brighten the day of everyone at the vaccination centres. While it may only provide a momentary solace for the medical officers who work long hours there, it’s certainly a great way to spread positive vibes during these trying times. 

More of this please, Malaysia, and we hope the situation in your country improves soon! 

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