Winner: The Lazing Wanderer

Dreaming of the ultimate Maldives getaway but not sure where to start? Then you need a failproof packaged tour that will allow even the laziest planners to experience the best of Maldives. Lucky for you, that’s precisely the speciality of The Lazing Wanderer. This agency is heaven-sent, and you’ll realise it once you look at their holistic packaged tours priced at just the right amount. With a variety of five-day tours that come with seaplane and speedboat transfers, as well as a gallery of accommodations and island-hopping activities, you could have the thrill of a lifetime. Be sure to take your friends and snap for gram — the Maldives is one of the most picturesque island destinations on Earth!

So how about it? See the best Lazing Wanderer tour suitable for your Maldives dreams here.