How to Recreate Disney Food According to a TikToker Chef

This Is What Disney Food Looks and Tastes Like in Real Life

Williams describes herself as the “original Disney movie food series creator.”

Whether you like Japanese food or not, it’s almost impossible not to rave about them based on how they’re portrayed in most Ghibli films you grew up watching. For whatever reasons, they just look that good animated.

In fact, the same can be said about Disney food, which Disney animators sometimes spend months to years creating. Only this time, you’ll have a better grasp of how they actually look and probably taste off-screen. This is all thanks to Gabrielle Williams, a chef who recreates Disney food from home and shares them on the popular video-sharing platform, TikTok.

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TikTok videos showing recreated Disney food

Disney-Inspired Food

Beignets from The Princess and the Frog and sorbet from The Princess Diaries. Image credit: Gabrielle Williams

Online, Williams describes herself as the “original Disney movie food series creator.” Her reputation is backed by more than a million followers, many of which are either fans of all things Disney, or anything culinary-related. Either way, Williams makes sure to satisfy their cravings, particularly over Disney food with TikTok videos showing how they’re done.

Williams shared her first movie food recreation in January 2021. It was Princess Tiana’s beignets in the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog. For those who don’t know, beignets are deep-fried French pastry made of different types of dough and often sprinkled with powdered sugar upon serving. For accuracy, she sought help from the Disney Princess Cookbook.

Following the success of her first Disney food recreation, the TikToker-Chef decided to make a series of movie dishes which she regularly shares on TikTok. She has also made a version of the mouthwatering pepperoni pizza from A Goofy Movie; sushi from Monsters, Inc.; mint chocolate chip ice cream from Lilo & Stitch; and the grub from The Lion King.

Williams also creates the food from live-action Disney films. These include the bacon with a side of toast from The Parent Trap; sorbet from The Princess Diaries; poison caramel apples from Enchanted; and the blue milk from Star Wars: A New Hope. At this point, Williams also relies on her inventive cooking skills with original freestyle Disney food recipes.

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Keeping it creative in the kitchen while at home

Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti Recipe

The iconic spaghetti Tony’s spaghetti from the Lady and the Tramp. Image credit: Gabrielle Williams

On top of Disney food, Williams recreates plenty of other famous food from other films and production houses. She has her own version of the butterbeer and 11th birthday cake from Harry Potter and spicy chicken sandwich from Popeye. Before these film dishes, Williams has also been posting fun versions of holiday desserts and beverages.

Now and then, Williams makes sure to include the actual recipes of her creations for her followers to emulate. Even so, the posting limitations of TikTok make it difficult to catch up on her tutorials. Via TikTok comments, she said that she’s working on a recipe book that she hopes to finish soon and even a restaurant where she can share more about how to recreate Disney, and other movie food, from home.

Featured image credit: Lady and the Tramp | IMDB

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