10 Tempting Desserts in Asia That Are Worth Getting Fat For

10 Tempting Desserts in Asia That Are Worth Getting Fat For

Feast your eyes (and tastebuds) on these enticing desserts around Asia!

Desserts come in varying shapes, textures, colours, and presentation. For a continent that is as massive as Asia, you can definitely sink your teeth into a range of delicious desserts, from baked goodies to sweet pieces that look too good to eat. Now feast your eyes (and tastebuds) on these temping desserts around Asia.

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1. Egg Tart, Macau

desserts asiaImage credit: Jpatokal

One of the most popular specialties in Macau is the egg tart. It has a distinct Portuguese style with a crème brûlée-like custard caramelised in a crust. It is a very filling dessert and is a must try whenever you visit Macau.

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2. Egg Waffle, Hong Kong

Egg Waffle, Hong KongImage credit: Morsesp3

If you frequent Hong Kong for shopping or a quick tour, you might be acquainted to this dessert already. Egg waffles or puffle or eggettes, are egg-based waffles that are very popular around Hong Kong and neighbouring Macau. The simplicity of how this dessert is made doesn’t make it less tasty. While it is often eaten plain, it can be served with fresh fruits or chocolate.

3. Dragon’s Beard Candy, China

Dragon’s Beard CandyImage credit: Richard Lai

This dessert shares a similar procedure with making a cotton candy, but it stretches way back to the Oriental royalties that consider it an exclusive treat. It is primarily made with sugar and is stuffed with ingredients such as peanuts or coconuts. Creating the perfect Dragon’s Beard Candy requires years of culinary experience due to its delicate process.

4. Ichigo Daifuku / Strawberry Mochi, Japan and South Korea

desserts asiaImage credit: Janine

These cute mochi pieces filled with whole strawberries are the star of Japanese and South Korean streets during the strawberry season. The mochi base is lightly flavoured as the strawberry is carefully covered inside. The result? A perfect burst of fruity flavours and the delicate taste of mochi. These strawberry mochis even come in a nice packaging too!

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5. Amezaiku, Japan

AmezaikuImage credit: Hiroaki Kikuchi

This is one of the finest-looking desserts that will grace this list. These edible works of art are made from starch and sugary syrup, and are painted with organic colouring. From goldfish to octopus to frogs, Amezaiku is truly nice to look at, and is a nice keepsake as well if you don’t want to eat it yet.

6. Luk Chup, Thailand

Luk ChupImage credit: Ly. H.

Luk Chup is probably the most vibrant dessert in our list. It is composed of shiny bite-sized pieces made from boiled mung bean, coconut milk and sugar. These ingredients are carefully formed into a pulp and kneaded to be shaped like oranges, cherries or even tiny animals. Once the final shape has been set, a bright jelly coating is applied. The finished products look really tempting, and they taste great too!

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7. Es Teler, Indonesia

Es TelerImage credit: Cameron Yee

For a hot afternoon, freshen up with a serving of Es Teler, an icy, cold dessert composed of shredded young coconut, slices of jackfruit and pieces of avocado topped with shaved ice. It has been one of the favourite desserts of both locals and travellers in Indonesia.

8. Sandesh, India and Bangladesh

SandeshImage credit: Miansari66

Sandesh is a dessert made from milk (or cottage cheese) and sugar, and comes in many variants and preparations. The simplest variety is the makha sandesh which is made by lightly tossing the cottage cheese, or chhana, with sugar over low heat to avoid burning the mixture. A more complex variation includes careful drying and pressing of the chhana with fruit flavours. It is also stuffed with syrup, and is shaped into decorative forms like shells or fish.

9. Ondeh Ondeh, Malaysia

Ondeh OndehImage credit: Tomoaki INABA

Ondeh ondeh is a very popular tea time snack in Malaysia. The green balls are made from glutinous rice which has a palm sugar core generously peppered with coconut shavings. This Malaysian dessert truly complements a light afternoon meal matched with a cup of tea.

10. Halo-Halo, Philippines

Halo-HaloImage credit: Laine Trees

Literally means “mixed” in Filipino, halo-halo is a crazy mix of sweetened beans, bananas, tapioca pearls, jackfruit, a dab of ube jam, and cube of leche flan topped with a nice layer of shaved ice. It is often served with a scoop of ice cream, and is doused with milk.

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Asia is booming with dessert options, and may this list serve as your sampler to the wonderful world of desserts all over the continent. What’s your favourite Asian dessert?

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