Critics of "The Prince" Cartoon Are Angry on Behalf of Prince George

Critics of “The Prince” Cartoon Are Angry on Behalf of Prince George

They say this isn't right.

It’s been an eventful year so far for the British Royal Family, wouldn’t you say? From the Harry and Meghan debacle to the passing of Prince Philip, the royal family has probably gone through a whirlwind of emotions behind closed doors. Through all this, their supporters never got tired of sending love and encouragement their way (depending on whose side they were on). 

Now, fans of the royal family are making their voices heard once again because they aren’t happy with how Prince George is being forced into the limelight. How? Well, there’s a new cartoon parody of the British royal family starring none other than William and Kate’s firstborn son. The new cartoon called The Prince is set to premiere on HBO Max on 29 July 2021. Already, the trailer has been met with scathing comments. 

According to royal fans, it isn’t right that a cartoon portrays real-life kids whose privacies and personalities are being toyed with. Based on the trailer, The Prince depicts Prince George mockingly, at least in the point of view of critics. For one, he’s given an American accent which is out of character and he acts pompous towards other people. In fact, his characterisation might even remind you of Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. 

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Watch the trailer below to get a feel of the cartoon. All of the characters in The Prince are exaggerated to be funny and sarcastic. 

Here’s what people are saying about The Prince

On YouTube, the trailer has almost 6,000 likes and 4,000 dislikes as of writing. Yes, that’s a lot of dislikes for a cartoon trailer. The comment section is filled with criticism:

“I’d be alright with shows like this if it was about fictional children — but actual children who are already going to face mass abuse in the public eye? The exploitation of kids is never going to be funny to me.” – Em Elizabeth

“Really disappointed in some of the big names here who lent their voices to a project which focuses on mocking and ridiculing innocent children. Also, with Prince Phillip so recently deceased, it is beyond poor taste.  Who in the world greenlit this trash?” – Susan Stilley

“William and Kate, especially, must be livid about this series. The creators are unfairly portraying their pleasant, happy son as a mean-spirited brat.” – Cynthia D“This is gross, even for America. This is depicting a real child. I’m no royalist but this is just shameful.” – April-Tui

“This is like Family Guy but without any redeemable qualities, charm, or jokes.” – Josh Pearson

On Facebook, the comment section below The Independent’s post about The Prince had mixed reactions:

“Just don’t get why they have given George an American accent. Would have been much funnier as a posh Brit,” someone jested. 

While other people were more firm on their stance. “It is absolutely disgusting to target and abuse an eight-year-old child regardless of his position in life!” a reader wrote. 

As you’d expect, some don’t really give a darn about the royals. “I am sure he will be comforted by his gigantic pile of riches,” someone quipped.

And this one’s probably the fairest comment of the bunch, “They could have made this series without explicitly making it about them [British royal family]. With a few differences like names etc. We would still have got the nudge wink who the characters were based on, but without it being so direct. The Windsors depict the royal family, but they don’t include the children.”

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As much as it’s being criticised, it looks like a lot of people are still going to watch The Prince. That’s the effect social media conversations have, after all. What do you think about this new cartoon about Prince George? We’ll leave you to form your own opinion!

Featured image credit (L-R): Duke and Duchess of Cambridge | Official Instagram Page; HBO Max | Official YouTube Channel

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