Children’s Festival 2019 at Gardens by the Bay

Children’s Festival 2019 at Gardens by the Bay

This free festival is not just for fans of Toy Story, but for the entire family as well!

Children’s Festival 2019 at Gardens by the Bay takes place from 15 to 30 June, and features many Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story attractions. To commemorate the release of the Toy Story 4 movie in Singapore on 20 June, the Children’s Festival boasts a series of activities inspired by Buzz, Woody and the gang.

As the first of such collaborations between the Singapore Tourism Board and The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, the Children’s Festival promises many fun attractions catered not just for kids, but for the whole family as well. Here are some of the highlights that can be found at the festival!

Toy Story 4 Themed Marble Run Track

children's festival 2019 gardens by the bay

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

As the first ever Toy Story-themed marble run track in Singapore, this attraction is sure to grab the attention of children as the marble traverses along the 150-metre-long track and weaves around the Supertrees. Accompanied by familiar tunes from the Toy Story films, this attraction is sure to garner the attraction of the young and old alike. Be sure to keep an eye out for the 1.5-metre marble though, as it only makes the rounds twice every hour!

Garden Rhapsody: Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story Adventure

garden rhapsody at children's festival

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

Garden Rhapsody is a thrice-nightly light and music show that is a famous trademark of Gardens by the Bay. In the day, visitors are treated to the sight of well-known Toy Story characters sitting amidst the Supertrees. When the lights adorning the Supertrees are switched on at night, fans of the Toy Story franchise can enjoy the Toy Story-inspired edition of the light show. Coupled with music and projection media, the show is sure to appear even more dazzling at night as the light lends a myriad of colours to the already spectacular attraction.

Star Adventurer

children's festival at garden's by the bay

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

Buzz Lightyear is the centre of attention at the Star Adventurer; the objective of the game is to aim for as many target buttons as possible to recharge Buzz’s spacesuit and set him free. These activities aim to encourage teamwork and forge friendships by sending kids on such rescue missions. With such an exciting attraction, kids will definitely be clamouring to go for another round after experiencing a turn at the Star Adventurer.

Bo Peep’s Adventure

children's festival at garden's by the bay

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

While Bo Peep may not necessarily be the character that comes to mind when Toy Story is mentioned, this attraction might just change that. Bo Peep’s Adventure is yet another fun-filled activity in the form of an obstacle course. With a blend of beautiful visuals and textuals to marvel at, this attraction guarantees entertainment for all challengers embarking on this mission.

Carnival Games

toy story 4 children's festival

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

After all the excitement from the grand structures and captivating activities, families can opt to have a chill but equally fun time at the carnival games that the Children’s Festival offers. From Jessie’s Ring Capture to Woody’s Coaster Rescue and the Bullseye Rescue, the festival makes sure that children and adults alike are thoroughly entertained with these classic carnival games. Certainly, there is never a dull moment at the Children’s Festival.

But that’s not all!

Besides the above-mentioned attractions, there are other countless activities available for the whole family, including arts and crafts, enrichment and parent-child workshops, which can be registered for here. These workshops are catered not only to facilitate family bonding, but to develop the creativity of children, encourage self-expression and refine motor skills. There are also stage programmes for those who may want to rest but still have a good time.

If your child still hasn’t gotten enough of the Toy Story-themed attractions, fret not! Toy Story merchandise is available for purchase at the festival, including Toy Story Bobble Head figures that are exclusively available at the festival. The figures can be purchased from a giant capsule-dispensing machine right beside the Marble Run.

The Children’s Festival will also be holding a toy donation drive to promote the spirit of giving and caring. Festival-goers are encouraged to bring any unwanted toys ranging from plushies to board games, and deposit them at the collection point on-site.

The Children’s Festival 2019 runs from 10am to 9pm daily with free admission.

More information of the festival can be found here.

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