10 Reasons that Prove Why You Should Date a Girl Who Loves the Outdoors

10 Reasons that Prove Why You Should Date a Girl Who Loves the Outdoors

This girl is the one worth waiting for.

Guys, don’t we all know a girl who loves the outdoors? That girl with sun-kissed skin and a sunshine smile. She who loves the smell of the fresh wilderness and is always raring for her next grubby adventure.

But fact is: there aren’t many like her around. I say with full confidence, that if you’ve overlooked such a girl – you’re making the wrong choice, my friends. This is the girl who’ll grind it out with you, enrich your life in unimaginable ways and be the one worth waiting for.

Don’t believe me? Here are 10 reasons to prove why you should date a girl who loves the outdoors.

1. She’ll show you a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view

The outdoors and hiking basically go hand in hand. Hikes are understandably arduous expeditions; they’re a novel experience, but often wouldn’t feature on most people’s list of fun things to do. They would rather sit in comfort and watch tv from their soft sofas. But what they can only watch from the National Geographic channel, your outdoorsy girlfriend will show you in real life.

Away from the sonorous reverberation of the city hustle, you’ll feel the overwhelming urge to yell out “I’m the king of the world!” in DiCaprio-toned exuberance… with your queen right by your side.

2. She’ll enrich your life with fresh perspectives

Taken with the aid of PowerShot G7 X Mark II’s rotating touch screen LCD monitor.

Sometimes in life, it’s good to take a step back and see things from a different angle. A girl who loves the outdoors is well versed in seeing things in a whole new light. The whole thrill about hiking is getting up close and personal with nature. You hike to appreciate the teeming forest around you, which in a way helps to take your mind off the fatigue from the tiring climb.

Armed with a camera that boasts macro-shot functions, your hiker girlfriend will (literally) zoom in to appreciate nature from angles that you’ve probably never imagined before. There’s no stronger relationship dynamic than with someone who’ll teach you new things and enrich your life in the process.

3. She’s a spontaneous free-spirit

Wouldn’t you want to date a girl who’s always raring to explore new untrodden paths? It’s far too boring if she just wants to go to the same old sulky shopping centres, cafes and cinemas. There’s no thrill, no adventure, no opportunity to live life.

Instead, an outdoorsy girlfriend will dare you to dangle your feet off the sheer drop. You never know which path you will bash through next when you’re with her. But in life, the best plans are the ones that are made spontaneously!

4. She has no insecurities

She rarely feels the frivolous need to put on make-up and dress up. It’s not that she lacks style or finesse, but rather she’s too busy exploring the wild, battling roaring currents, swinging through vines and creeping across sheer cliffs. Things like eyeliner and lipstick don’t define the curious explorer she is. In fact, they’d probably be a massive hindrance once beads of sweat start to form.

She’s comfortable with the way she looks and won’t constantly pester you for reassuring compliments. To her, the refreshing breeze by the cliff’s edge beats all cosmetics – hands down.

5. She’ll make the best of a trying situation

Life’s not always a smooth bed of roses. Sometimes you’ll stumble upon difficult roadblocks and be pushed into dead ends. It’s bad enough that you’ve got yourself stuck in a rut; the last thing you’d want for company is a complain queen.

A girl who loves the outdoors is an expert at getting out of tight spots. She has had to pull herself up flimsy roots and contort herself in ghastly ways to scale the route. It might have even poured atop the summit or she might have missed the return bus back to town on her way down the mountain. She’s used to not always getting her way and won’t let a little fuss rain on her parade.

6. She won’t be afraid to get her hands dirty

If you’re into sports and the outdoors, you definitely need to find someone compatible. Where’s the fun in having a girlfriend who’s so puritanically prim and proper? If she’s all rainbows and unicorns, chances are you’ll likely have to find another companion whenever you want to sweat it out.

An outdoorsy girlfriend, on the other hand, wouldn’t bat an eyelid at chipped fingernails or mud stained shoes. In fact, she might even be more adventurous than you. Maybe she has scaled steep slopes on all fours, or yanked herself up precarious vines. Besides, it’s always more fun doing something you love with the person you love the most.

7. She has the patience to wait for wonderful things to happen

Many millennial couples are too impatient for their own good; they want everything right at the snap of their fingers. When instant results don’t come, they deem it a failure, chuck it aside and move on to something else. That, to us, is a crying shame. Find a girl like that, and she will leave you high and dry at the slightest hint of conflict.

Relationships take time to nurture and a hiker girlfriend knows the pain of waiting. She’ll endure the agonisingly strenuous climb to the summit. She’ll pick herself up each time she falls. All because that amazing sunrise will make everything else inconsequential. You can feel secure knowing that she’ll rough it out with you through the toughest of obstacles because she knows it’s worth it.

8. She’ll be the light at the end of your tunnel

Cliché as it may be, the journey really is far more rewarding than the destination. So you don’t just want to take home tail-end summit photos of your girlfriend, you’ll want to document your entire adventure with her. Every memory, no matter how small, tells a beautiful story of your relationship.

You probably cringed at my heading. But it’s really the times when she held onto you reassuringly after you lost your footing that are the priceless moments you’ll never want to forget.

9. She’s a rare no-frills gal

Hands up if you can relate to the perennial struggle of leaving the house on time! It’s 7pm, you’re ready for your dinner date as you said you would. But there your girlfriend is, busy stuffing the smallest, most unnecessary accessories into her already bulging handbag. Give it a while, and she’ll be casually slinging it over your shoulder instead. Maybe I’m playing into stereotypes a bit too exaggeratedly, but you get the gist.

An outdoorsy girl appreciates the value of packing light. An outdoorsy girl will willingly shed all unnecessary additional baggage because she knows how gruelling it’ll be to bear the load. DSLRs are bulky, so she’d probably pack along a compact camera like the sleek Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II instead. Gone will be the days when you contend with spectacularly unnecessary arguments revolving around how her troublesome “kiasu-ness” is cramping your style.

10. She’s the best model for your photojournal

What’s the point of trekking all that distance just to take plain old scenery shots? No matter how good a photographer you are, the best way to make your photos stand out is to personalise them. And we’re not just talking about any old model; your outdoorsy girlfriend will be your muse. With the amazing backdrop for company, each wild challenge gives you new ways to fall in love with her all over again.

From all her adventures and exploration in the wild outdoors, I’d say a girl who loves the outdoors is the one worth saving your heart for. If you’re convinced that you should ask that girl you know with the sun-kissed skin to bring you along on her next adventure, you better start packing your backpack. And the one thing you can’t leave out is a camera!

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Make your friends jealous with all the photos you’ll have of that perfect outdoorsy girl. I don’t know about you, but I’ve pretty much fallen head over heels.

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