7 Best Cruise Experiences for the Discerning Traveller

7 Best Cruise Experiences for the Discerning Traveller

Sail away on a wave of decadence!

Gone are the days when the term “cruise”  would automatically be associated with the ideal honeymoon vacation for newlyweds or an expensive getaway for retirees. These days, cruises prove to be more all-inclusive than ever, spanning from those with a dining scene so superb even Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t hesitate to step onboard, to cruises that take your entire travel itinerary into their own hands.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2019 is to travel more or try new experiences, a cruise manages to fulfill both of these into one brilliant at-sea package! Here, we narrow down the world’s top cruise experiences for every traveller out there.

1. For the gastronome

Indulge in fantastic feasts aboard: Costa NeoRomantica

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Image credit: Costa NeoRomantica

Realise your deepest gastronomic desires at the Costa NeoRomantica, the epitome of Italian dining at sea. Here, you can dine on the finest of Italian cuisine to your heart’s content, paired with wines recommended by none other than the Italian Sommeliers Association.

But you might wanna stop after your fifth plate at Ristorante Botticelli’s buffet, for fear of being too full to enjoy the Tango Disco, Cabaret Vienna, and Turkish baths.

2. For the family with a love for the better things in life

Accomplish onboard bonding with: Costa Crociere

Image credit: Costa Cruises

Finding the best cruise for your family? Go on an adventure with Costa Crociere, winner of ‘Best Family Cruise‘ in the TripZilla Excellence Awards 2019! While family holidays can be difficult to organise, Costa Crociere makes sure that no one is left out with their plethora of activities available on board.

It’s not easy planning a holiday that can successfully accommodate all three generations within the family. But at Costa Crociere, seniors will fully enjoy the theatre, sauna, and treatment rooms of the wellness centre while younger parents can gleefully indulge in one of the many luxurious activities available onboard.

3. For the traveller in need of a luxe escape

Experience the finest of onboard luxuries with: Costa NeoRomantica

Image credit: Costa NeoRomantica

A cruise is the best way to make the most of your holiday as every minute delights without fail. Even while you’re just lounging in your cabin, you’re assured of the best time. Aside from Costa NeoRomantica’s top-of-the-line Italian cuisine, luxurious escapades await within the ship as well.

From enjoying a delectable afternoon tea spread to exploring the Codotti Shopping Arcade, Costa Cruises provides the most bang for your buck when it comes to sailing in style.

4. For the adventurous thrill seeker

Take a trip on the wild side with: UnCruise Adventures

Image credit: UnCruise Adventures

More than just a getaway at sea, a cruise can be a vessel for meeting new acquaintances from all over the world — including bears? That’s right! UnCruise Adventures offers Alaskan itineraries ranging from “Bears, Bergs and Bushwhacking” to safari endeavours through glaciers and fjords.

Whether it be a chance to see the ethereal Northern Lights or witness firsthand the migration of grey whales, cruising certainly takes on a whole new meaning with UnCruise.

5. For the romantic pair at sea

Fall in love all over again aboard: Princess Cruises

Image credit: Princess Cruises

Anniversary celebration? Honeymoon vacay? Or perhaps you’re planning to finally pop the question and want the perfect setting to go along with it. Princess Cruises has long been renowned for being the epitome of romantic cruise lines, offering packages for every situation imaginable.

From decorating your stateroom in advance to providing videographers just for your big moment, treat your other half (and yourself!) to an unforgettable experience.

6. For the avid explorer

Make the most of your trip with: Costa Cruises’ Western Mediterranean cruise

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Image credit: Costa Cruises

Not all cruises are one and the same; some are tailored for a complete onboard experience, while others emphasize the countries just as much as the trip itself.

For the latter, there’s no better way to explore the Western Mediterranean than with Costa Cruises, which offers itineraries designed to take you through the best of Rome, Italy, France, Spain, and the idyllic Balearic Islands.

7. For the traveller who never sleeps

Dance to your heart’s content aboard: Carnival Spirit

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Image credit: Carnival Spirit

Ever experienced a floating carnival? Carnival Spirit absolutely lives up to its name by offering a cruise experience like no other. Boasting the largest waterpark at sea in Australia, mini-golf, and a two-deck fitness centre, boredom is an entirely foreign concept here.

And before we forget, the nightlife onboard is pretty darn spectacular, too. Over six bars and lounges plus a casino provide round-the-clock unrivalled entertainment to complete the Carnival experience.

So which cruise experience would you like to try first?

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