9 Signs You Are Ready to Quit Your Job and Travel The World

9 Signs You Are Ready to Quit Your Job and Travel The World

Your job sucks? Tired of routine? Need a break? Craving for adventure? Then, you're ready to quit your job and travel the world. Don't ignore your calling.

1. Your job SUCKS

Your job doesn’t just stink – it sucks. You hate your job. You hate waking up every morning and dragging your lifeless body to work. Maybe it didn’t use to be like this, but recently you’re really just tired all the time. You feel overworked and under-appreciated. Even worse if your colleagues are back-stabbing bitches and your boss is one major asshole. You feel like you are hanging on a thread and you’re just this close to snapping.

2. You are tired of ROUTINE

The nine-to-five, the shit-it-is-monday, the looking-forward-to-the-weekend, the TGIFs, the why-is-it-sunday-already and every single shit in between.

3. You are constantly looking for more MEANING in life

Your job is starting to feel meaningless and you have started to realise that you have absolutely wasted the past few years of your life. On what, you ask? You have just been a little underpaid cog in the machine, a slave of this capitalist world. Life has been materialistic yet miserable at the same time. You are struggling to find meaning in life, and you know that what you truly want is not a pay raise, nor is it a promotion.

4. You need a BREAK

You just really need a break. Definitely from work, maybe from obligations, but definitely not from life. You want to find life, because your job has been stifling your spirit, and you don’t feel you anymore. You’re breathing but it has been a long while since you felt alive.

5. You crave for ADVENTURE

There is this adventurous spark in you. You know it’s there. You feel it sometimes, crawling under your skin, whispering sweet escape. You think it’s about time to go somewhere and do something crazy – climb a mountain, turn tons of strangers into new friends or fling your body out of a perfectly good plane.

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6. You are JEALOUS of travelling friends on Instagram

You know it is outrageously stupid to be jealous of other people, but boy do you feel jealous each and every time you see photos of plane tickets and exotic destinations on Instagram. Like, stop, I don’t know you that well, Instagram friend, but I know you well enough to know you don’t deserve to be on a vacation to (insert your dream destination). You know who deserves to be there? I DO! Because – shut up!

7. You have entertained thoughts about TRAVELLING the world

And you have had thoughts about travelling to faraway places, perhaps with a backpack and surviving on as little money as possible. You dreamed about better days ahead, when each day matters. You thought about roaming unfamiliar streets and seeing unfamiliar faces. You fantasised about immersing yourself in new cultures and diving headfirst into new experiences.

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8. You have squirrelled enough MONEY in your bank account

Sadly, you shouldn’t quit your job and travel the world when your bank account is at ground zero (that is the practicalist in me speaking). At the very least, a plane ticket and travel insurance cost money. But hey, if you’re inspired by the likes of Chris McCandless of Into the Wild who travelled on as little as possible (he even burned his cash once), then whattheheck, go ahead and update me on your crazy adventures.

9. NONE of the above

Who says you need a god-damn sign or reason to quit your job to travel the world?

If you find the calling, just go.

And I’m going soon too, I promise!

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