24 Cool Things to Do in Batanes on Your Very First Visit

24 Cool Things to Do in Batanes on Your Very First Visit

Visiting Batanes for the first time? Here are cool things you must do!

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The northernmost province in the Philippines is now one of the top emerging tourist destinations in the country. More and more people are coming to witness the breathtaking beauty it has, as it becomes more accessible to tourists. If you want a preview of Batanes’ charm, here I listed different ways to make your stay worthwhile. Okay I admit it, there are more ways than the ones listed here, but I promise these are the best ever!

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1. Tour around Basco with a bike

Usually, bike rental is only PHP 20 per hour.

2. Taste a delicious cup of coffee or hot chocolate at Phil’s Brew Coffee Shop

Phil’s Brew Coffee Shop

Bonus: Try their glutinous rice delicacy (suman) that goes perfectly with your cup of hot chocolate (which I highly recommend).

3. Feel the cold breeze all day

4. Try this barbeque stall in front of Pension Ivatan (for appetizer yes!)

5. …then dine in at Pension Ivatan (the most famous in Batanes)

Pension Ivatan

Must try: Seafood Kare-kare and Bulalo

6. Who wouldn’t want to experience buying at the Honesty Shop?

Honesty Shop

7. Rent these vakul (headgear) and kanayi (vest) for ₱40

Please wear with care!

8. Pay a visit to the PAG-ASA complex built on a hill

PAG-ASA complex

9. Then attend a holy mass at San Jose el Obrero Church in Ivana

San Jose el Obrero Church

10. Never miss the 4:00 PM mass in Tukon Chapel

Tukon Chapel

11. Have you ever been into a Japanese tunnel?

Dipnaysuhwan Japanese Tunnel

12. Brave a rocky boat ride going to Sabtang Island

Sabtang Island

Oops, catch your breath. Hold on, there’s more!

13. …and Itbayat Island (more extreme and longer ride)

Itbayat Island

14. See yourself rollin’ (they hatin’) on the Naidi Rolling Hills

Naidi Rolling Hills

15. And on Marlboro Country, Vayang Rolling Hills

Marlboro Country

16. Then meet your new friends!

17. A perfect 360˚ panoramic view at the Basco Lighthouse, yes?

Basco Lighthouse

18. Hmm how about a peaceful view from the Tayid Lighthouse in Mahatao?

Tayid Lighthouse

19. Of course, let’s not forget Sabtang Lighthouse!

Sabtang Lighthouse

20. Be mesmerised by these towering cliffs of Itbayat Island

Itbayat Island

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21. Walk through centuries-old Savidug village stone houses

Savidug village stone houses

22. Be captivated by the sunset view in this stopover

23. Feel the serenity at Valugan Boulder Beach

Valugan Boulder Beach

24. Last but not the least, experience the incontestable and genuine hospitality of Ivatans!

ivatanImage credit: Anne Jimenes

Everything is picture-perfect. Anywhere you look in Batanes is postcard-worthy! If these photos didn’t satisfy you, then go see it for yourself!

So, did I prove you wrong?

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