21 Taiwan Street Snacks You Must Try

21 Taiwan Street Snacks You Must Try

Everybody loves food! From braised pork rice to pineapple cake, Taiwan hosts a number of very tasty food you can get from the convenience of the streets! Here are 21 of the most exotic and delicious Taiwan street snacks you must try when you're there.

Everybody knows that Taiwan is food paradise! From braised pork rice and dumplings to pineapple cakes and mochi, Taiwan is full of succulent, exotic snacks you cannot wait to exploit. Here are 21 Taiwan street snacks you must try when you’re there.

1. Braised Pork Rice (卤肉饭 Lu Rou Fan)

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Take in the aromatic fragrance, watch the smoke rise from the kitchen chimney and grab a bowl of braised pork rice! This is a delicious dish with finely chopped pork layered over a bowl of rice.

2. Dumplings (肉圆 Rou Yuan)

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These high quality paper-thin wrappings will not disappoint! Dumplings have fast become famous at Taiwanese night markets. Take a bite into the hot broth and taste tender meatballs.

3. Oyster Omelette (蚵仔煎 E Zai Jian)

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Yum! This dish displays the rich culture of Taiwan. Having food from both the sea and the soil, it will wow you away with its gooey chewiness.

4. Gua Bao (割包)

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Taste this steamed bun hamburger filled with Taiwan’s favourite braised pork, powdered peanuts and more!

5. Pineapple Cake (凤梨酥 Feng Li Su)

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This a must-have Taiwanese dessert. Filled with sweet pineapple, and having a crumbly texture, the pineapple cake is a splendid experience!

6. Popcorn Chicken (盐酥鸡 Yan Su Ji)

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These bite-sized, marinated pieces are small bites of happiness! Munch on these crunchy delights.

7. Mochi (麻糬 Ma Shu)

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Mmm, more snacks! These lovely rice balls will melt in your mouth. Fillings range from red bean paste and sesame paste to peanut powder and strawberry jam.

8. Tian Bu La (甜不辣)

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Deep-fried, chewy and even sweet, Tian Bu La is mixture of great flavours you will soon become addicted to!

9. Pig’s Blood Cake (豬血糕 Zhu Xie Gao)

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Once you wrap your brain around eating pig’s blood, this savoury popsicle is actually quite enjoyable! Pig Blood Cake is actually sticky rice drenched in pig’s blood that is rolled about in pork soy sauce and peanut flour to give it a sweet, nutty flavour. Don’t be afraid to try it, it is one of the tastiest things in Taiwan!

10. Beef Noodles (牛肉面 Niu Rou Mian)

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This dish even has its own festival! You wouldn’t have visited Taiwan if you didn’t have Beef Noodles! It inspires chefs all around Taiwan and having a bad dish of beef noodles is unheard of.

11. Ice cream Popiah (冰淇淋薄饼 Bing Qi Lin Bao Bing)

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This can be both a sweet or savoury delight. Let the flavours entice you.

12. Bitter Gourd Juice (苦瓜汁 Ku Gua Zhi)

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This is perhaps one of the most unique items to try in Taiwan. Bitter, refreshing and very interesting! A drink you should not miss on your trip to Taiwan.

13. Pan-fried bun (生煎包 Sheng Jian Bao)

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Take a mouthful of the spondy, fluffy bread and taste the crunchy pork filling coming through. This pan-fried bun gives you a great mixture of tastes!

14. Danzai noodles (担仔面 Dan Zai Mian)

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If you haven’t yet, you should definitely try a bowl of Danzai Noodles. Served in shrimp soup, this dish also comes with veggies and more pork!

15. Pepper Cakes (胡椒饼 Hu Jiao Bing)

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Get a whiff of that yummy crispy pastry and then try to leave without having a bite! You wouldn’t be able to. This delicious bun is filled with juicy pork that will make you queue again and again!

16. Onion Roti (葱油饼 Cong You Bing)

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This quick snack is flaky, buttery and all things wonderful! Although light, it fills your stomach with great warmth, leaving you a happy traveller.

17. Shaved Ice (刨冰山 Bao Bing Shan)

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We’ve talked a great deal about hot cuisines, what about icy ones? Shaved ice is a heavenly break from the scorching Taiwan sun.

18. Steamed Spring Roll (润饼 Run Bing)

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Choose your own fillings and make your own spring roll!

19. Pork balls soup (爆汁贡丸 Bao Zhi Gong Wan)

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When you’re in Taiwan, you’ll never get tired of eating pork! These giant pork balls are juicy, tasty and are the size of baby fists!

20. Tamsui Agei (阿给 A Gei)

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The Tamsui Agei will burst in your mouth in a mix of sweet and spicy. Delight in this lovely stuffed noodles and fish paste.

21. Duck Tongues (鸭舌头 Ya She Tou)

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Like Pig’s Blood Cake, you might take a while getting used to popping a piece of Duck Tongue into your mouth, but this is something you will really enjoy! Deep fried and served on a stick, these fatty tongues are a must-try before you leave Taiwan!

There you have it! 21 really good street snacks from Taiwan.

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