Where To Stay In The Philippines – Best Hotels, Hostels and Resorts

Where To Stay In The Philippines – Best Hotels, Hostels and Resorts

Options on where to stay during your vacation is in abundance, especially in a country so versatile like the Philippines! From boutique hotels to hostels, you can be sure to find a space that will complement your holidays. Making sure your stay is comfortable is pivotal in ensuring your holiday rejuvenates you, so here is a quick guide on where to stay in the Philippines!

Boutique Hotels: Kamiseta Hotel

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Skip the cookie-cutter hotels where your experience will simply be similar to the one before and opt for something more personalised and unique! Boutique hotels are exciting lodges that are themed or specialised.

Consider staying at Kamiseta Hotel, a boutique hotel with unique rooms that will definitely add a sprinkle of fun to your travels! The four eclectic and individually decorated rooms even feature chandeliers – what more can you ask for?

Eco-resorts: Inaladelan Island Resort

With the rise of eco-conscious travellers, there is also a rise in like-minded accommodation options available for your trips. Focusing on more environmentally sustainable spaces, these spots strive to minimise their impact on the environment.

Inaladelan Island Resort is an eco-resort which uses portable generators and solar chargers for your phones! Not only that, this resort is also known for its warm hospitality. A tranquil and clean camping site, this resort boasts a peaceful and secluded escape for the tiresome soul.

Winner of ‘Best Eco-Resort (Philippines)’ in the Tripzilla Excellence Awards 2019, Inaladelan Island Resort is perfect for the traveller who hopes to do their part for the environment.

Hostels: Murals Hostel and Cafe

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For the budget traveller, hostels are life-savers. While hostels might get a ton of bad rep, finding a good hostel that suits your needs is not as difficult as you think. Especially today, you can find a hostel for all types of travellers – from digital nomads to party-goers.

If you are stuck figuring out which hostel is the best fit, try Mural Hostel and Cafe. A backpackers haven, this hostel is perfect for travellers who are seeking a comfortable space that is also friendly for the digital nomads.

With shared spaces that boasts 100mbps WiFi connectivity and unlimited coffee, you can wind down without needing to be totally offline! This hostel is also known for its homely atmosphere where all sorts of travellers can connect with each other easily. 

Romantic Getaways: Club Paradise Palawan

Image credit: clubparadisepalawan

Finding the perfect place for a romantic getaway can be pretty daunting especially when there are many options to choose from. But nothing beats a trip to one of the world’s most beautiful islands, Palawan!

For the best slice of paradise with your loved ones, Club Paradise, the winner of ‘Best Romantic Getaway (Philippines)’ in the Tripzilla Excellence Awards 2019, is the place to be for your next couples’ retreat.

For a romantic touch, pick one of their rustic yet chic accommodations like the Sunset Villa or Sunrise Villa! From incredible spa treatments to excellent dining – pamper yourself on this mesmerising island.

Luxury hotels: Discovery Shores Boracay

Not only is this the perfect resort for every occasion, Discovery Shores Boracay is also the winner of ‘Best Luxury Hotel (Philippines)’ in the Tripzilla Excellence Awards 2019. Located on Boracay’s famous White Beach, this incredible resort also features sleek designs, top-notch facilities, scrumptious dining options and of course, excellent service!

Plus, staying at their Signature Suites also comes with a Guest Experience Maker, who is there to ensure that your experience is nothing short of perfect. It doesn’t quite get more luxurious than that!

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