Volunteering in the Philippines: 5 Nonprofit Organizations to Get Involved in

Volunteering in the Philippines: 5 Nonprofit Organizations to Get Involved In

For more meaningful adventures, why not try volunteering in the Philippines?

As a traveller, we often look for the bigger meanings of life. We go to foreign places, explore, wander around, hoping to one day find what enriches our lives more. As a human being, it is also in us to be empathic to another person’s ordeal, to share the burden and somehow alleviate it with the simplest help we can give.

While these timeless ideas have remained as they are, the world has become smaller and bigger at the same time, making it more difficult to simply exercise charity at times that it is most needed. I still do believe that it is in everyone’s desire to help and many just don’t know how.

If you happen to have found yourself exploring the beauty of the Philippines, and in your travel, wish to know where you can give more meaning in your great adventure, the list below will shed some light on where to go and who to look. Participate in any of these organisations for volunteering in the Philippines.

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Organisations for volunteering in the Philippines

1. Ivolunteer

Ivolunteer is a portal made by volunteers for volunteers. Propelled by the mission of promoting volunteerism by making it known, making it easy and making it happen, it serves as a bridge between the volunteers and the organisations seeking volunteers.

Are you someone looking to put your time and effort into a good cause in either long-term or short-term projects? Visit Ivolunteer to give you more information on how you can sign up as a volunteer and choose from the many projects they offer.

Examples of their projects: feed the hungry, be a friend to an elderly, relief goods operation in times of calamities and tutoring programs for the children

2. Haribon


Image credit: shankar s.

Haribon is a combination of two Filipino words that best describe the mighty Philippine Eagle, “Haring Ibon”, which translates to “King of Birds”. It is also the name of the foundation which pioneered environmental organisation.

Haribon Foundation believes in the role of people in taking care of the environment. Thus, it strives to continually promote community empowerment coupled with scientific excellence for nature conservation.

An avid nature lover? Visit Haribon to know more about how you can become one of their volunteers.

Examples of their activities: tree planting, therapeutic seedling nurturing and coastal clean-ups

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3. Red Cross

red cross volunteer

Image credit: Philippine Red Cross

A name synonymous to blood donation and immediate relief and assistance during disasters , Red Cross  has since become a more well-rounded helping hand focusing on a holistic approach in uplifting the conditions of the people who most need its assistance. Now, it also offers many services ranging from preventive medicine, counselling and youth leadership.

To be able to volunteer, you must apply to become a member and go through their orientation as Red Cross deals with emergency cases and needs their volunteers to be fully prepared. Interested in volunteering in the Philippines? Visit Red Cross to get more information on how to apply.

Examples of their activities: youth training, emergency response aid, and fun run for a cause

4. uhappyevents

Uhappyevents is one of the nonprofit organizations to volunteer in the philippines

Image credit: U! Happy Events

Uhappyevents bridges together sponsors and volunteers to their beneficiaries. They focus on helping marginalised children by providing sustainable assistance and teaching them core values through their creative and meaningful activities.

They strongly believe in empowering individuals to get involved. And through their many activities, they made it easy for individuals wanting to help to simply choose which activities fit them best. If you are one person looking to help or a group of friends wanting to create an event that benefits children, visit uhappyevents and know more about how to accomplish these interests.

Examples of their activities: arts and crafts workshops, acting workshops and martial arts and dance workshops

5. Gawad Kalinga

Gawad Kalinga is one of the organizations for volunteering in the Philippines

Image credit: gk1world.com

Their mission is simple, “Ending poverty for 5 million families by 2024”. A straightforward line that speaks a thousand depths. Behind it is the complexity of how to tackle such a big commitment. But Gawad Kalinga also has a straightforward and simple answer: a desire to give care and leave no one behind. Along with it is their journey, their experiences and learnings that they have gained, starting from a simple desire to implementing projects that are slowly making their mission a reality.

Visit Gawad Kalinga and learn more insightful definitions of the values they stand for. It also provides information on how you, and everyone who shares the same interest, can join in their cause. And, finally find yourself volunteering in the Philippines.

Examples of their activities: feeding programs and kitchen volunteers, house building activities, youth and child development activities such as tutoring

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I hope that as this country shows you the many wonders it can offer, you (as a foreigner or a Filipino) can also give back through being a volunteer in one of these noble foundations. As you enrich the lives of others, may the experience also enrich yours even after your adventure ends. Volunteering can be a great alternative to an internship while still gaining valuable experience. So, why not start volunteering in the Philippines?

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