Venice Tourist Tax is on a Roll! Here's Everything You Need to Know

Venice Tourist Tax Is on a Roll! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Keep this additional cost in mind!

If your dream vacation includes a visit to Italy, be prepared for a new addition to your itinerary — a Venice tourist tax. The city has finally launched its long-awaited program, impacting how day-trippers experience Venice.

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Everything you need to know about the Venice tourist tax

Venice Tourist Tax

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The tax applies specifically to visitors who are only spending the day exploring Venice’s enchanting historic centre. If you’re staying overnight, you’re exempt! The cost is a reasonable €5 (~S$7.28) per person, and you’ll receive a QR code to streamline entry.

The tax doesn’t apply to everyone. Travellers venturing to the nearby islands of Burano and Murano get a free pass. Locals, commuters, and those choosing to stay overnight (including lucky second-home owners) are also exempt, but online registration is required.

The tourist tax is currently in a trial phase, running until 5 May 2024. Following this initial period, the tax will be enforced every weekend from 8.30am to 4.00pm, excluding 1–2 Jun 2024. This weekend enforcement will continue until 14 Jul 2024.

Tourist tax implementation

Venice Tourist Tax

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The implementation of the tourist tax stems from Venice’s desire to manage crowd control and protect its historical treasures. UNESCO has considered placing the city on its endangered list due to the strain of high tourist numbers.

For those who skip the tax, beware! Failing to pay could result in a fine ranging from €50 (~S$72.83) to €300 (~S$437). Officials will be conducting random checks to verify QR codes, ensuring everyone plays by the rules. Venice has stationed stewards around the city to assist visitors navigating the new tourist tax system

The tourist tax has sparked some controversy. Local residents have expressed concerns that it will deter visitors and damage Venice’s reputation. Others, like former mayor Massimo Cacciari, argue that tourists already contribute financially and shouldn’t be burdened with an extra fee.

Despite the mixed reactions, Venice officials are optimistic that the tax will create a more balanced tourism industry. Their goal is to ensure Venice remains a vibrant and enjoyable destination for visitors while also safeguarding the city’s livability for its residents.

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So, is a Venetian adventure still in the cards? Absolutely! Just be sure to factor the Venice tourist tax into your trip planning, especially if you’re visiting for the day. With a little preparation, you can experience the magic of Venice while respecting the city’s efforts towards a sustainable future.

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