7 USA Autumn Destinations for Your Next Autumn Getaway

Best Places to Enjoy Nature in the US During Fall

The United States is the perfect fall destination. The country has an abundance of natural beauty that really shines at this time of year. Discover our top picks.

The United States boasts some of the most diverse and awe-inspiring natural landscapes in the world, from serene deserts and jagged mountains to glaciers and rainforests.

During the fall, you can enjoy the crisp air and bright colors of changing leaves. The weather is also cooler as compared to the spring and summer seasons, which means you can enjoy hiking and camping without worrying about the heat.

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1. Asheville, North Carolina

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Asheville, North Carolina, is a city that has been called the “San Francisco of the South”. The city is known for its natural beauty and progressive culture.

Asheville is a great place to visit during the fall season. The city’s rolling hills are blanketed in reds and oranges, and the air is filled with the sound of crunching leaves underfoot.

The Blue Ridge Mountains provide many trails for hikers of all levels. You can take a short hike up Black Balsam Knob or hike all the way up Mount Pisgah. Whichever route you choose, these trails all offer incredible views of the mountains and surrounding areas.

2. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited park in the United States. It stretches across North Carolina and Tennessee, and covers over 500,000 acres.

The park has a wide range of wildlife, including black bears, gray wolves, salamanders, and white-tailed deer. It also has an extensive trail system that allows visitors to explore the park’s diverse ecosystems.

You’ll wander through dense forests and lush meadows of wildflowers, all interwoven by incredible rivers and waterfalls.

3. Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon is a breathtaking sight to see at any time of the year, but there’s something about it in the fall that makes it really special.

The natural wonder has attracted visitors for centuries, even before Europeans arrived in North America. There are many ways to experience this huge canyon and its many wonders, from hiking and biking trails to scenic flights and even helicopter tours.

The canyon is a great place to go if you’re looking for something fun and adventurous and want to see some amazing natural beauty.

4. Zion National Park

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If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all and enjoy the change of seasons, Zion National Park is the perfect spot. The fall colors are breathtaking, and the weather is still warm enough to enjoy hiking.

The national park has everything from easy trails that are great for families to more challenging hikes that will challenge even the most experienced hikers.

This park is full of beautiful scenery, wildlife, and incredible rock formations. If you want to see some of the best fall colors in Utah without having to drive very far, this is a great option.

5. Yellowstone

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Yellowstone became the world’s first national park in 1872. The space covers an astonishing 2.2 million acres of hydrothermal and geologic features.

Fall is a great time to visit Yellowstone National Park. The weather is cooler, and the crowds are smaller than in summer. There are fewer bugs and fewer campers, too.

The best time to go is between September and November. This is when the aspens turn golden yellow and orange, creating a beautiful backdrop. You’ll also get a chance to see wildlife up close as they gather around rivers and streams before winter arrives.

6. Sedona, Arizona

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Sedona is a place that’s easy to fall in love with. The town has a unique combination of natural beauty and human history, which gives it an atmosphere unlike anywhere else.

The red rocks and green trees of Sedona have been attracting visitors since the 1930s, when artist Georgia O’Keeffe first visited the area. Since then, the city has become a mecca for artists and writers who come to find inspiration in its landscape.

The red rock formations are even more stunning with the colors of fall and the cooler weather, and there are plenty of hiking trails where you can admire this.

7. Acadia National Park

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Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island, off the coast of Maine. From beaches to granite peaks, the national park boasts a range of scenery, and it’s even home to the highest point on the US coast: Cadillac Mountain.

The park is famous for its rocky coastline, which is dotted with sea stacks and caves. Many waterfalls are located within the park as well.

There many trails that wind through the mountains and along the coastline. There are also plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing; you’ll see moose, deer, eagles, and other birds of prey.

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