UK Four-Day Work Week Trials to Launch Later in 2022

UK Four-Day Work Week Trials to Launch Later in 2022

Will this be the key to a balanced work and personal life?

After Iceland and the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom is also launching trials for shorter working weeks later this year. Over 30 businesses and companies are participating in this UK four-day work week program in an attempt to boost productivity. The program is led by 4 Day Week Global, a non-profit organisation providing a global platform for like-minded individuals who wish to partake in the initiative. 

4 Day Week Global has partnered with Autonomy UK, as well as researchers from Cambridge University, Oxford University, and Boston College. Their goal and objective: To improve the quality of life among employees while maximizing the UK work week. Here’s everything we know about the much-awaited four-day work week trial. 

UK four-day work week

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How will the UK four-day work week trials benefit businesses and employees?

The UK will run a four-day work week program from Jun 2022 to Dec 2022. All participants will still carry out the same amount of work as before without any salary deduction, but with reduced hours each week. This test run will help community strategists and researchers further their studies to estimate employees’ work performance under these conditions. 

The pandemic has made it harder for companies to retain their best employees. Different factors such as health concerns, burnout, stress, and anxiety affected the resignation wave.  On the other hand, it showed us that changing the work set-up is possible. That being said, the pilot program encourages companies to take part in a feasible and sustainable initiative that benefits both employees and business owners in the long run. 

UK four-day work week

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The UK four-day work week trials aim to solve this issue by redirecting the focus on output instead of time spent at work. This could benefit their overall performance during the new UK work week setting. Moreover, employees have more time to focus on their health and wellbeing. Not to mention, they are able to enjoy more quality time with their loved ones at home.

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4 Day Week Global is aiming to expand the four-day work week program in the United States and Ireland. Needless to say, people are waiting in anticipation to see if this could be the future of their work-life balance. 

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