Travel Tips: How to Plan the Picture-Perfect Trip Abroad

Travel Tips: How to Plan the Picture-Perfect Trip Abroad

Before your trip, make sure you've planned properly!

Travelling is one of the things that can be learned with experience. When planning a trip, there are many things to consider, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s completely okay! You’ll slowly understand how everything works and what you need to include in your travelling guide. You’re most likely to make various kinds of mistakes at first whether you plan to visit some cheapest European countries, get a taste of Asia, or anything else.  

As a first-time traveller, you might have a common question in mind: “How to travel the world?” The truth is that you cannot be a true traveller unless you make mistakes and learn the basics. We’ll discuss some travelling tips that can help you get started on your journey.

Finding photogenic spots and places, thanks to Instagram

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Taking photos and videos is a must-do thing when you travel to a new place and Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms that you can use to stay updated with the best photogenic places to visit. So, before you plan a trip, check Instagram for the best scenic places you need to visit. 

Waking up early to avoid crowds

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Try to wake up before sunrise so that you can have the best attractions all to yourself by avoiding massive crowds. The soft light is also a great time for photos. It can make things easier for you to interact with locals getting ready for the day.

Getting lost on purpose

If you desire to see the parts of the town where real people work and live, you will have to visit them. One of the perfect ways to do so is on foot. There is no need to be aware of where you are heading to. Simply keep note of your hotel name so that you can get a taxi on your way back as required. You might come across amazing things when you get lost on purpose.

Planning a trip

Let’s have a look at some tips that can help you plan your trip in a better way.

Deciding trip duration

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There exists a fine line between getting bored and being able to enjoy every moment in a new place. No destination comes with a predefined “right” duration. It will depend on your tour plans and also the purpose of the visit. But try to decide a duration that you think will be the right thing for you. Try to keep one extra day while you plan. 

Being aware of local customs

One of the mistakes that you would like to avoid as much as possible in a new place is to be culturally offensive or insensitive to the locals. It’s the reason it makes sense to read up a bit on the customs and traditions of a place before you go there. Doing so will ensure that you can understand them better and avoid the risk of acting insensitively.

Reading a history book about the place you are going to visit

Some extra knowledge won’t hurt, right? A history book will give you a more in-depth perspective of the place, and you’ll be able to see it in an entirely different light. Every place in this world has a rich story and some are more interesting than others, so it won’t be a shame to read about such things to be more prepared for your trip. 

What you need to take on a trip

While you travel, it’s necessary to carry certain stuff that can make your trip easier. Here are some tips that can help on a trip.

Extra cards

Having your debit or credit cards stolen seems like a nightmare, especially when you travel to a new place. So, it would be better for you if you could carry backup cards. Always pack a second debit and credit card, which you will need to keep completely separate from the wallet. 

Extra food

You can never be certain what the next destination will have for you. When you travel to a new place, finding a proper place to eat might not be possible all the time. So, try to carry some extra food to make your journey hassle-free.


Never forget to carry the chargers of all your gadgets at the time of travel. It might not be possible to get a new charger at a new place to charge any of your devices. Pack your chargers right at the beginning of packing your bags.

How to create cool travel content

Let’s check out some tips that can help you create great content as you travel the world.

Being ready with the camera

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You’ll have to ensure that anywhere you go, you carry your camera. Check if your camera is fully charged. You might not understand the importance of a camera now. However, years from now, when you get the desire to look back at the trip memories, you’ll understand the importance of carrying your camera. 

Edit your travel videos

You will need a video editor to make your memories more attractive. You’ll come across various free video editing software that you can use to add a spark to your videos. Using your phone editor should be enough if you want to do some basic retouching. 

Getting close-up shots

Nothing else in this world can invoke human emotion besides having someone staring at the camera. As you travel, try to get close-up shots of locals. You can also ask if you can get a video of them. It can make your videos more authentic and lively.

Travel as much as you can. You have got only one life to see the world. Try to follow the above-mentioned tips to get the best out of your travelling plans and travel seamlessly.

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