13 Spots for Breakfast in Bangkok Including Local Haunts & Chic Cafes

13 Top Spots for Breakfast in Bangkok Including Local Haunts and Chic Cafes

Are introductions to Bangkok even necessary?

While there has been so much written about the best street foods and the best night markets in Bangkok, not much has been talked about the best breakfast places in the Thai capital. Of course, there are plenty of choices, from hearty stacks of pancakes at hip cafes to local haunts – here are the top 13 to have your first meal of the day at!

1. Charoen Saeng Silom

Charoen Saeng Silom

Image credit: Jonathan Lin

Since 1959, Charoen Saeng Silom has been serving their customers with their popular and delicious braised pork leg dish (Khao Kha Moo). Served with fragrant white rice, the braised pork leg is drenched in rich soy and vinegar-based sauce that is made from boiling different traditional Chinese herbs and spices for a few hours. The dish is typically eaten with some braised mustard greens, which help to balance the rich and delectably-sinful fatty pork leg dish. 

Did we mention that this street food restaurant was featured in the 2018 Michelin Guide?

Highly-popular amongst the locals, as attested to by its breakfast and lunch crowd, Charoen Saeng Silom is a place that you should definitely check out if you are looking to enjoy a more local and authentic breakfast experience when in Bangkok! 

Address: 492/6 Soi Charoen Krung 49

Opening hours: 7.30am – 1.30pm daily

2. Ekkamai Macchiato 

Known as the caffeine capital of Thailand, Ekkamai is populated with many hipster and chic cafes. 

Ekkamai Macchiato is a popular local cafe that features a minimalist design concept, choosing to focus on plain and simple aesthetics so that their food and beverages stand out at the heart of the cafe. Its deceptively commonplace appearance might just mislead you into thinking that it is just another house instead of an actual home brewer cafe.  

All drinks in this cafe cost 100THB, including their popular filter coffee and espresso-based coffee, a unique Thai-Ethiopian-Brazilian blend. This coffee spot also features different local coffee roasters in rotation, such as Bottomless and Roots.

Ekkamai Macchiato

Image credit: Zach Inglis

Beyond the usual Western breakfast options, you can also enjoy some pasta dishes like their Vodka Penne or Garlic Bacon Spaghetti or even their spicy Thai rice bowls to accompany your choice of beverage. A simple and elegant home brewer cafe with a wide selection of affordable drink options, Ekkamai Macchiato should be on your to-visit list if you are in the area!

Address: 6/2 Ekkamai Soi 12

Opening Hours: 8.00am – 6.00pm (Weekdays) & 9.00am – 6.00pm (Weekends)

3. Bourbon Street 

Bourbon Street

Image credit: Beth Kirby

In Bourbon Street, the focus is on authentic Louisiana Creole and Cajun inspired dishes the staple of New Orleans cuisine. Apart from the usual American breakfast menu options of Steak and Eggs and the classic Eggs Benedict, it is recommended that you try their classic New Orleans Eggs Benedict or 4 Eggs Special Bourbon Street Breakfast. The New Orleans Eggs Benedict comes with a choice of three different types of eggs Benedict (smoked salmon, crab cake and Canadian bacon) for about 400THB.

This all-day dining restaurant is also conveniently situated in the area of Ekkamai. 

So if you are looking for some classic Louisiana-inspired dishes in Bangkok, then Bourbon Street might just be the place for you!

Address: 9/39-40 Ekkamai Soi Tana Arcade

Opening Hours: 7.00am – 1.00am daily

4. Tee Yok Coffee

Tee Yok Coffee

Image credit: biawx13

Having been around for almost 40 years, Tee Yok Coffee is a small coffee kiosk that looks like any other ordinary street stall. However, one should not be too quick to judge for what it lacks in appearance, it makes up for many times over with its tasty and delicious breakfast toast options. 

You can get a cup of black hot coffee for just 15THB, along with toast with butter and condensed milk (20THB) to accompany your drink. The other breakfast toast options also include the traditional toast with soft-boiled eggs, and their chocolate or taro toast.

Offering street-side seating where you can bask in the morning traffic bustle, Tee Yok Coffee promises to offer a breakfast dining option that is as local and authentic as it can get!

Address: 46 Soi Si Thammathirat

Opening Hours: 6.00am – 4.00pm (Monday to Saturday)

5. Bangkok Trading Post 

Bangkok Trading Post

Image credit: 137 Pillars

Bangkok Trading Post is an all-day dining bistro and deli restaurant specialising in a variety of international comfort food. This includes classic healthy and savoury breakfast options like their soufflé-like omelette made with organic eggs (290THB) and fluffy quinoa pancakes (250THB) that is served with grilled bananas.

If you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, you might want to also indulge yourself in their delectable offerings of dessert options such as their light sweet potato cake (105THB) and their highly-decadent chocolate lava cake (280THB).

The chic and elegant design of the place makes it one of the hippest brunch places in the neighbourhood, with their high-ceilinged interior, teak walls and marble tables. Though the prices here are on the steeper end, this is a great breakfast spot if you are looking for a more stylish and laid-back breakfast experience, away from the bustle of the city!

Address: (Ground Floor) 137 Pillar Suites, 59/1 Sukhumvit Soi 39

Opening Hours: 6.00am – 12.00am daily

6. BKK Bagel Bakery 

BKK Bagel Bakery

Image credit: BKK Bagel Bakery

Who says that you need to travel thousands of miles just to get the New York bagel experience?

BKK Bagel Bakery offers a wide variety of breakfast bagels option and every single one of their bagels is hand-rolled and kettle-boiled, in old-fashioned traditional New York style. 

There are many different bagel options for you to choose from, including popular favourites like Moishe’s Lunch (house-cured corned beef, sharp mustard, house pickles, sesame bagel), the Show Stopper (house-roasted turkey, cheese, bacon, avocado spread, mustard) and the Lox, Stock and Bagel (house-cured smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, red onion, capers).

There are also deli-inspired gourmet sandwich options if you are looking for alternatives to bagel (but why would you even think of having sandwiches at a bagel place?). The bagels are also sometimes eaten with their handmade speciality “schmears” (the German equivalent of a “spread”). 

So if you are craving some bagels, this is a place you should not miss!

Address: (Ground Floor) Maneeya Center, 518/3 Ploenchit Road

Opening Hours: 7.30am – 5.30pm (Weekdays) & 8.30am – 5.30pm (Weekends)

7. Kope Hya Tai Kee 

Kope Hya Tai Kee

Image credit: mliu92

Founded in 1952, Kope Hya Tai Kee is your go-to breakfast spot if you are looking for a local authentic and traditional breakfast experience right at the heart of Bangkok. From the traditional Thai-style iced coffee (50THB) to their Ceylon hot tea, this is a great place to start your day, especially if you are looking for a good dose of caffeine to help power you through your day.

Kope Hya Tai Kee is also famous for their signature kai kata set (85 THB), which comes with two sunny side up eggs, Chinese White sausages and a crispy baguette – all served in a pan. 

There is a reason why this historic shophouse-style coffee-shop has been around for almost 70 years – and is still standing strong!

Address: 37 Samranrat Road, Kate Pranakong  

Opening Hours: 7.00am – 8.00pm daily 

8. Craftsman x Baan Ajarn Farang 

Craftsman x Baan Ajarn Farang

Image credit: @craftsmanroastery

Craftsman x Baan Ajarn Farang stands on what used to be the residence of Italian-born sculptor, Corrado Feroci, who earned the nickname of “Father of Modern Art in Thailand” during the rule of King Rama V. Easily recognised by its vibrant yellow facade, the cafe is situated in the same building as a gallery that features some of Feroci’s works.

At Craftsman x Baan Ajarn Farang, there are many artisanal coffee options beyond your regular espresso and latte, such as their unique lemongrass latte (135THB), which is a unique concoction of the roastery’s Artisanal Blend infused with the refreshing flavours of star anise and lemongrass. The cafe sources its beans from a variety of locations, including Kenya, Panama and Costa Rica and also from other provinces within Thailand like Mae Hong Son. 

Also available are their Shizuoka Matcha Latte (120THB) and other tamarind-inspired food and beverages like their Sparkling Tamarind (135THB) and scones with tamarind-cranberry jam as a tribute to Feroci, who was an avid lover of tamarind. 

This hidden gem will be sure to impress coffee and art connoisseurs alike, making for a perfect and cosy breakfast spot on your lazy weekends.

Address: (Ground Floor) Silpa Bhirasri’s House, 153 Ratchawithi Rd 

Opening Hours: 9.00am – 6.00pm daily 

9. Vita Cafe 

This one goes out to all the acai and superfood bowls lovers out there! 

Vita Cafe is a superfood and acai bar that was opened by Vita Trade, the supplier of acai pulp puree to top restaurants like Roast, Brekkie and Broccoli Revolution. Using only organic ingredients, a standard cup of acai smoothie goes for 120THB while their regular acai smoothie bowls go for 200THB. 

You can have the option of customising your own acai smoothie bowl, where you can choose your base (coconut water, almond milk or apple juice) and choice of fruits and other superfood toppings (cacao nibs, flaxseed, goji berries and chia seeds).

While the main acai ingredient is sourced directly from Brazil, some of their ingredients such as their mangoes are obtained locally from other parts of Thailand, like Samut Prakan. 

There is no better way to start the day than with a healthy and refreshing bowl of acai smoothie!

Address: 64 Sukhumvit Soi 23

Opening Hours: 8.00am – 9.00pm daily

10.  Behind the Bar Cafe 

Behind the Bar Cafe

Image credit: Max Pixel

This quaint cafe is located directly across the Chatuchak Park  – making this a great stop before you make your way to join the busy Chatuchak crowd.

Behind the Bar Cafe is a small cafe that engages with the theme of ‘sustainability’, offering discounts to customers who bring their own cups while also using biodegradable cups and straws. They also organise workshops from time to time, such as a “design your own tote bag” workshop, as part of their initiative to encourage the use of recyclable tote bags over single-use plastic bags.

The cafe sells a range of classic and creative coffee and tea based drinks such as their iced yuzu long black (95THB), matcha latte (65THB) and their espressos (50THB) at an affordable price. If you are not feeling the mood for coffee or tea, they also sell other creative and quirky drinks such as their strawberry and bubblegum-flavoured Queen of Flamingo drink (70THB) that you can check out when you are there!

Address: 1058/104 Paholyothin Road

Opening Hours: 6.30am – 3.30pm (Weekdays); 7.30am – 3.30pm (Saturday); 7.30am – 12.00pm (Sunday)

11. On Lok Yun

On Lok Yun

Image credit: wiroj

On Lok Yun is a traditional old-school coffee shop that has been around for almost 80 years and still sees loyal support and patronage from many locals. Some of the most popular breakfast options here are their egg custard bread with kaya (28THB) and their Thai-style American breakfast platter (from 50THB).

Unlike your usual green  kaya, the kaya custard at On Lok Yun is orange in colour and is served on top of some evaporated milk – for you to dip your soft white bread into. There are other food options like french toast and bread with butter and sugar, and drink options like the Thai iced milk tea and milk coffee that will complement your choice of food. 

The rustic marble and wooden furniture, alongside the empty tins of Milo and Milk Powder that line the see-through cabinets contribute to the old-school vibe, that is both nostalgic and reminiscent of traditional coffee shops in the 1980s. 

If you are looking for a quiet breakfast spot where you can slowly sip on your coffee and enjoy some good bread toast the old-fashioned way, then On Lok Yun might just be the place for you!

Address: 72 Charoenkrung Road

Opening Hours: 5.30am – 4.00pm daily

12. Holey Artisan Bakery 

Holey Artisan Bakery

Image credit: kilonad

Holey Artisan Bakery takes pride in its wide selection of delicious home-made bread, cakes, sandwiches and pastries. Made freshly using their European Stone lined ovens through a meticulous process, the production of their bread typically takes about two to three days, from flour to the store shelves. 

A popular favourite is their “house white”, which is their signature house loaf that is semi-sour in nature that goes for only 100THB. However, they also offer other artisanal baked goods, such as their home-made cookies, cakes, tarts and pastries like their popular buttery and flaky croissants that you can get alongside a glass of refreshing cold-pressed juice (100THB) or coffee (80THB).

The bakery also offers outdoor terrace seating, where you can sip on your cup of coffee and enjoy their perfectly-aerated and chewy sourdough bread while appreciating the morning street views – your perfect morning bread fix!

Address: 245/12 Sukhumvit Soi 31 

Opening Hours: 8.00am – 8.00pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

13. Eiah-Sae

Yaowarat Chinatown

Image credit: Globe-trotter

Eiah-Sae tops the list as one of the longest-standing traditional coffee houses in Bangkok, having been around for over 90 years! 

Committed to maintaining traditions and classics, Eiah-Sae only serves traditional coffee like freshly-brewed black coffee or coffee with condensed milk (25THB) and eschews the sale of modern coffee drinks like espresso and latte. Each cup of coffee is also made using a coffee sock filter instead of more modern drip methods.

You can also order a serving of toast and soft-boiled eggs (50THB) and other traditional drinks, like their nor kaon (a mix of tea and coffee) or their Chaozhou coffee, which has a more bittersweet aftertaste. 

A popular hangout for the Thai-Chinese elderly population, Eiah-Sae is also an iconic and familiar landmark within Yaowarat Chinatown that is dedicated towards preserving cafe boran (where boran translates to ancient).

If you want to experience one of the most original cafe borans in Bangkok and are visiting the Yaowarat area in Bangkok, then why not head towards Eiah-Sae for your breakfast fix to start the day?  

Address: 111 Phat Sai

Opening Hours: 6.00am – 9.00pm daily


Image credit: Takeaway

Having to choose the top 13 breakfast spots in Bangkok was no easy feat and does not do any justice to the food paradise of Bangkok because there are simply too many good breakfast haunts out there! From hipster cafes to traditional coffee shops, there are so many different types of breakfast places for you to choose from. 

So as tempting as it might be to sleep in those super soft and comfortable hotel beds, I hope this list will motivate you to wake up in time for breakfast the next time you are in Bangkok, because after all, only the early bird catches the worm!

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