Top 10 Things to Do in Java

Top 10 Things to Do in Java

From Bandung to Jogja, here are some of the must-visit places!

Indonesia is a tropical archipelago consisting of thousands of islands, hundreds of ethnicities and languages and an overwhelming mix of cities, mountains, beaches and volcanoes. With the sheer amount this country has to offer, planning a trip can be a mind-boggling and daunting experience. Being one of the larger islands, Java is home to some of the country’s busiest cities, spectacular scenery and countless attractions. It is a budget-friendly destination for backpacking in Southeast Asia and a great place to start your Indonesian adventure!

Here are some highlights of where to go and what to do in Java!


Coined as the ‘Paris of Java’, this charming city is an all-encompassing destination that can please city dwellers and nature lovers alike. Shop till you drop at the various factory outlets or café hop around the city. For a dose of nature, head over to Tebing Keraton, a popular viewpoint offering jaw-dropping views of the lush forests from the top of a cliff.

things to do in java

Lembang, just a short drive up from the main city boasts many leisure parks such as Dusun Bambu, The Lodge Maribaya, Farmhouse Susu Lembang just to name a few with various attractions such as these incredibly picturesque swings!

Another must-visit while in Bandung is Kawah Putih, a stunning lake nestled in the crater of a dormant volcano. The eerie-mist that shrouds the striking blue waters adds to the hauntingly beautiful ambience.

things to do in java


More commonly known as ‘Jogja’ for short, this is a city rich in cultural heritage. No trip to Jogja would be complete without visiting the revered Borobudur temple with its signature bell-shaped stupas surrounded by magnificent mountains.

things to do in java

Another temple worth visiting is Prambanan temple. The ancient carvings and rustic ruins make you feel like you are in a real-life game of temple run!

For the adrenaline junkies, be sure to explore the Gunung Kidul regency which is home to Goa Jomblang where you can witness the mesmerizing ‘light of heaven’ phenomenon and even go cave tubing!

The fit and brave may attempt to hike up Gunung Merapi, an active volcano on the outskirts of Jogja. Alternatively, you can enjoy a jeep ride up to the base of the mountain to catch the sunrise and appreciate the silhouette of the towering volcano.

Mount Bromo

This enchanting volcano needs no introduction. This gem is accessible by driving from the nearby cities Surabaya or Malang and is popular among locals and tourists alike. Many flock there to witness the iconic sunrise over the misty volcano, with smoke still billowing from the active crater.

After taking in the mesmerizing sunrise from the viewpoint, you can walk down to see the crater up close. The horses and chariots shrouded by misty fog look like a scene right out of an old cowboy movie!


Banyuwangi is a city on the easternmost tip of Java, right across from the more well-known island of Bali. This well kept secret is home to many hidden gems and pristine beaches that can rival Bali’s. Many come for the fascinating blue fire which can only be seen before the sun rises over Kawah Ijen to reveal the striking azure crater lake.

This city also boasts multitudes of well-preserved white sand beaches still largely untouched by tourism. Professional surfers flock to G-land beach for the unrivalled waves. Other popular spots include Pulau Merha, Teluk Hijau and Pantai Wedi Ireng (pictured below).

So there you have it – do check out these places if you ever have a chance to visit Java!

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