The New Ginger Museum in Japan Is Triggering People's Imaginations

The New Ginger Museum in Japan Is Triggering People’s Imaginations

What comes to mind when you see this museum?

Even though Japan is popular for having the most breathtaking views in different seasons, it also has a couple of bizarre attractions. I’d say the Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho, Tokyo probably tops the list, but the New Ginger Museum surely comes next. This museum is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a whole museum dedicated to the ginger spice, only this time, the gingers are pink. 

The story goes that the museum owners found a new species of pink ginger in Taiwan and brought it to Japan to make a whole attraction out of it. The New Ginger Museum, aka Shinshoga Museum, is located in the Tochigi prefecture. A Twitter user that goes by the handle tkasasagi recently paid a visit and shared photos of the museum on Twitter, to which Twitterverse had a very amusing response. 

People think the gingers in the museum don’t look like gingers…

It seemed that to some Twitter users, the ginger merchandise, ginger-themed rooms, and ginger statues didn’t look like gingers at all. According to them, everything kind of resembles… penises and dildos! *minors, look away*

Reactions to the New Ginger Museum

I mean, replies to the photo thread were pretty hilarious. Someone responded with the awkward monkey meme I think we can all relate to.

Image credit: Kansai & Beyond

Another person was pretty straightforward about her interpretation of the ginger museum. 

Image credit: Mona Holmes

While others were beating around the bush. 

Image credit: TYOtoGVA

These Twitter users couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing.

Image credit: Aussie Ossan

Image credit: Perry Leslie

But nothing beats this reaction. 

Image credit: クρίス

All things considered, it’s a very pink museum

But hey, don’t let these reactions stop you from visiting the museum. It has a lot of cute attractions other than just pink ginger. The museum has pink ginger coloured deer, a pink coloured piano, alpaca, snacks, and so much more. 

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The best thing about the this museum is that entrance is free. It’s accessible from Tokyo via the JR Utsunomiya Line. It’s a two-hour ride; but once you get there, it’ll be all worth it. Guests will have an educational, aside from photogenic, experience as the museum informs everyone how the new ginger business came to be. 

Think you’re up for this visit? Check out the New Ginger Museum website for more info!

Address: 1-25 Honcho, Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture 328-0034

Featured image credit: Shinshoga Museum | Official Website

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