New York City is Hosting a Real-Life 'Squid Game' This Year

New York City is Hosting a “Real-Life” ‘Squid Game’

Relax, you won't have to bet your life just to participate.

By now, you probably know that Netflix’s Squid Game has been a mega-hit all over the world. The record-breaking South Korean thriller has left many viewers curious about what it would be like to join such a contest. Well, say no more because a real-life Squid Game is coming to New York City

Don’t worry, folks, this version will obviously be violence-free. (We think… just kidding!). Inspired by the dystopian series, Korea Tourism Organization’s New York office will host a Korean tour of the Big Apple, along with some old-school kid’s games. It will be held on  26 Oct 2021, with a total of 80 chosen participants.

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What to know about this “Squid Game” in NYC

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The itinerary for this “real-life” Squid Game includes a visit to Manhattan’s South Korea-inspired spots; such as the Korean Cultural Center, the Korean art exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square Line Friends store, and Koreatown. And the coolest part? All players will get to don the signature green tracksuits! We have to find out if the event facilitators will be dressed in pink jumpsuits and helmets. 

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Of course, participants will also get to play some of the traditional Korean children’s games seen in the show. Relax, there will be no lethal tug of war or glass bridge (with creepy patrons watching). Instead, expect the good ol’ Red Light, Green Light; dalgona candy challenge; and ddjaki (folded paper tile) game. 

But what’s the prize, you ask? While it certainly won’t be a jaw-dropping fortune inside a giant piggy bank, the first-place winner will get a roundtrip flight to South Korea! Other prizes for lucky participants include an Apple Watch 7, Apple AirPods, and US$50 Amazon gift cards.

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To be eligible for this real-life Squid Game in NYC, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and fully vaccinated. Registration is open until 20 Oct 2021, 11.59pm EST. The lucky ones selected to participate will be notified between 22 to 23 Oct. 

Check out this link to get started. 

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