Dare to Walk Across this Transparent Bridge in China?

Dare to Walk Across this Transparent Bridge in China?

Chinese engineers have made a new attraction that will truly test your spirit! Dare to walk across this nerve-wracking transparent bridge in China?

transparent bridge

If Eiffel Tower’s new glass floor is too easy for you, wait until you walk across this transparent bridge in Pingjiang county, in Hunan, China. With an entire glass floor suspended 180 metres above the ground, your knees will surely get weak – you’d have to crouch down to survive the intense fear.

Adding to the already frightening height is the unstable movement of the bridge when the wind blows. It’s been designed to sway in the wind to give everyone a truly nerve-wracking experience. The mere thought of an entire glass floor swaying in the wind is already intimidating, how much more when you’re really there? Well, you’ll never know unless you try.

28.410307, 113.594181,Shiniuzhai, Hunan, China

Face your fears and cross this glass bridge when you visit China.

Image credits: designyoutrust.com

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