Helsinki Cathedral: Famous 19th Century Landmark of Finland

Helsinki Cathedral: Famous 19th Century Landmark of Finland

Designed by Carl Ludvig Engel, the Helsinki Cathedral is one of the most striking architectural attractions you have to visit in Finland's capital city.

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Inspired by the neoclassical plan of Carl Ludvig Engel, Helsinki became known as the “White City of the North”. One of the most striking architectural attractions in Helsinki which contributed to its name is the Helsinki Cathedral, designed by Carl Ludvig Engel as the centrepiece of the Senate Square Layout.

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The Helsinki Cathedral, also called St. Nicholas’ Church, is in a neoclassical style designed to have a square centre and four equilateral arms symmetrical in all directions. The structure was later modified by Ernst Lohrmann, a successor of Engel. Lohrmann added two bell towers and the statues of the twelve apostles at the rooflines.

Today, thousands of people visit the cathedral every year to attend regular worships and religious events but most of them just simply enter as tourists. The Helsinki Cathedral is also flocked by the locals and tourists alike during the New Year countdown as the whole of Helsinki celebrates the beginning of the new year when the cathedral clock strikes 12:00 midnight.

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Be sure to enter the Helsinki Cathedral when you visit Finland.

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