European Airline Finnair Begins Weighing Passengers Before Flying

This European Airline Is Asking Passengers to Weigh In Before Flying for Safety

One small step for passengers, one giant leap for safer flights!

Finnair, Finland’s national airline, is exploring a new policy requiring their passengers to undergo pre-flight weigh-in. Catching up with fellow airline rivals such as Korean Air, the European airline has begun the weighing in process for passengers this week. It will continue to run until the end of February and resume in April and May. Almost 600 passengers have participated in the airline passenger weighing process so far, whereby the weight of their carry-on luggage is also gathered.

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Finnair’s new policy: what you need to know

As awkward as it might sound for passengers, the weighing in process by the airline is pretty straightforward. A customer service agent will record the numbers while no passenger’s name will be attached to the data being gathered. Fret not; those who don’t prefer to be weighed can always opt out of this process, and no one will chase them. 

The significance of the pre-flight weigh-in process

The airline claims that this policy is necessary to ensure accurate weight distribution on the aircraft, which will improve fuel efficiency and safety. Plus, this will lessen the environmental impact as planes typically burn unnecessary amounts of fuel.

In general, the European Aviation Safety Agency will be the one to provide the stats and estimates for all European Airlines’ flight weight distribution (last recorded in 2022). However, Finnair decided to run the airline weighing policy for passengers independently to garner more accurate data for future use. 

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