Pai: The Most Instagram-Worthy Destination in Thailand

Pai: The Most Instagram-Worthy Destination in Thailand

Mention Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai pops right to mind. But this place in Thailand’s mountainous North is a hidden gem that looks like a setting from a romantic happily-ever-after story.

This place appears right out of a fairy tale. Called Pai, the small town situated north of Chiang Mai is a nirvana – colourful, idyllic and picturesque. Trust me, here, you will feel like you are in a real-life picture book.

Everywhere in Pai is postcard-perfect

Pai is situated in a valley between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son, so there is a backdrop of towering mountains wherever you look. It is so beautiful, you can’t believe what you’re seeing sometimes.

With fresh flowers abloom, Pai is not just a feast for the eyes, but also an olfactory sweet treat.

The place is rich in history

The Pai Memorial Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks. During World War II, the Japanese army constructed the bridge as a transport route for weapons between Thailand and Burma.

Today, the bridge only carries pedestrians and is even adorned with vintage samlors (Thai rickshaws) – perfect for a photo shoot.

Pai is filled with natural wonders

The Pai Canyon is a geological beauty, and with its unobstructed, panoramic view, it is a perfect spot for sunset.

If planning a trip here, make sure you are armed with a good pair of runners as the path can be very narrow and the terrain very steep. I barely survived the Pai Canyon with flip-flops.

Even the scooters are cute

The best way to explore Pai is by a scooter. Rentals are at 100 baht (about SGD4), and you get the freedom to go places for an entire day. The scooters come in all colours of the rainbow. You really can’t help but just feel happy here.

Time moves at a different speed here

Sit back and relax at any one of the countless chilling spots in Pai – from sun chairs to tree swings to colourful egg hammocks. I think I stayed longer than I should have just watching the world go by.

Cafés with a view

If you are already on the café-hopping bandwagon back home, this place will blow it right out of the water.

Quaint coffeehouses and cafes are everywhere in Pai. What’s better? Visitors get to enjoy fresh coffee and food and take photos with a fantastic mountain view as background. I can’t even…

Everything seems bigger and out of this world

At a strawberry farm, there are life-sized strawberries…

There’s even a larger-than-life chess board with chess pieces taller than me…

How about a selfie with a giant gingerbread scarecrow?

It is so artsy and hippie

Pai is filled with little surprises every corner. The place is like a beautifully-designed movie set, with perfect locations for your #ootd shots.

Fancy standing on strawberry tiles?

Or posing in front of a heart-shaped window?

And, you do not even need to travel to New York for the “love sculpture”. There is one right here in Pai.

Really, there is nothing you would not love here.

Getting here is not difficult at all

Pai is a three-hours bus ride from Chiang Mai. Buses run daily from the Chiang Mai bus terminal.

The next time you plan your trip to Thailand, you definitely do not want to miss a slice of Pai. (Get it?)

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