North Korea Just Launched an Unidentified Missile, SK Raises Alarm

North Korea Just Launched an Unidentified Projectile, South Korea Raises Alarm

This doesn't sound good.

South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff has just sent an alarming text to the South Korean media about an unidentified projectile launched by North Korea. It is still unclear how many projectiles were launched, according to CNN. 

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This marks North Korea’s second projectile launch in less than a week. Based on South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff, the first one was fired last Wednesday into the east coast of the Korean Peninsula. Meanwhile, North Korea claimed it was testing a hypersonic missile, which would make it the second trial of such a weapon during Kim Jong-un’s regime. 

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Under international law, Pyongyang is barred from testing missiles and nuclear weapons. However, Park Won-gon, professor of North Korean Studies, defended Pyongyang’s first missile launch this week saying, “The missile launch was a test conducted in accordance with the five-year defense development plan decided at the 8th Party Congress. This is North Korea’s demand to (the international community) to withdraw the double standard about its arms development and saying that these tests are no different from South Korea’s missile development.”

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As of writing, the unidentified projectile is still a developing story. Stay tuned for more updates!

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