15 Spectacular Landscapes In The World to Visit

15 Spectacular Landscapes In The World to Visit

Our planet is filled with bizarre, incredible phenomena that you simply must see! My own bucket list features 15 of these beauties I dream of visiting.

The world we live in is a treasure trove of beauty and inspirations. In almost every country we are blessed with a natural wonder that draws every man to it like a moth to a flame. These are just a few of many unique places and beauties on our planet that I would love to visit. Cautionary advice: your jaw will drop. Let it.

1. Fly Geyser, Nevada

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1eCOHZj

This beauty is the product of an uncapped well. Minerals and algae rise from the geyser and they accumulates to form this unique-looking mound.

2. Highlands, Iceland

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1hDVCAE

Take in this breathtaking view of glaciers, craters, lakes and geysers. Come back at night to witness one of the greatest wonders of this world – The Northern Lights.

3. Fingal’s cave, Scotland

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1nnHJHt

This phenomenon was created by the cooling and collapsing of hot lava over millions of years. Yes, it takes that long to create beauty.

4. Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu, China

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1n7WIb4

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1hnqRjm

It almost looks like Holi, the Festival of Colours! These vibrant rock formations are a 24 million-year accumulation of red sandstone and mineral deposits. The natural forces of wind and rain have carved into its walls beautiful towers, valleys and waterfalls, accounting to the stunning sight we see above.

5. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan


Image credits: http://bit.ly/1hE78w9


Image credits: http://bit.ly/1evlw4A

Who loves lying in meadows of flowers? Hitachi Seaside Park offers a magnificent variety of seasonal flower gardens, ranging from narcissus and tulips in spring to kochia and cosmos in autumn.

6. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1gzC5k2

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1p5HlSm

Watch the blue walls shimmer and gleam as the Mendenhall Ice Caves melt away creating new surreal landscapes. Called “otherworldly” by many, these ice caverns look as though they’re taken right out from one of Dali’s paintings.

7. Wisteria Flowers at Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan


Image credits: http://bit.ly/1iRlbKT

Take a colourful walk through this beautiful fairytale tunnel and be cloaked by gorgeous Wisteria flowers as they drop over you from the top. These flowers are in full bloom from late April to mid May.

8. Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives


Image credits: http://bit.ly/1eIEqFe

This unbelievable sight is caused by marine microbes called phytoplankton. Every evening, they shine through the waters painting an entire galaxy for us to look at.

9. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States


Image credits: http://bit.ly/1kVLt5D


Image credits: http://bit.ly/1iR3awo

We are once again reminded of water’s powerful abilities as we walk through the Antelope Canyon. Many years ago, water flowed through the Canyon, carving out deep, narrow crevices. The deeper you go into the Canyon, the more vibrantly coloured the walls become.

10. Giant’s Causeway, Ireland


Image credits: http://bit.ly/QmI95B

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1eIDIYI

Looking at these perfect columns, its hard to believe they’re created by nature. About 60 million years ago, a lava plateau was formed due to intense volcanic activity. As it cooled and fractured, little columns were created.

11. Mount Roraima, South America


Image credits: http://bit.ly/1hnqRjm

It almost looks like a ghost ship traversing a sea of spirits. The Mount Roraima is so high, its peak is shrouded by white clouds. Hiking up to is like walking through a dream.

12. Reed Flute Caves, China


Image credits: http://bit.ly/1krGGWQ

This ancient limestone cave is a beautiful display of multiple colours is Guilin’s most interesting attraction for over 1200 years. Stalactites and stalagmites fill its insides while beautiful reeds grow outside the cave. These reeds can be made into melodious flutes.

13. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1ikr0Uw

Image credits: http://bit.ly/QmIrtf

Come walk across the world’s largest mirror. This phenomenon was first created when prehistoric lakes dried up to form a bed of salt. Now, every year during the rainy season, the water fills the Salar up, making it the most reflective surface on the planet. It is so reflective it is even used to calibrate satellites!

14. Lavender Fields, France

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1m9ovYr

Skip through these fragrant lavender fields and be charmed by the quaint village backdrop that surrounds these fields. Here lies a bewitching display of purple pillow-like pastures.

15. Ballynoe Stone Circle in Ireland


Image credits: http://bit.ly/1t3q3F8

Just look at it. Way too cool. This impressive stone circle seems to have a pretty great aerial view.

There you have it. 15 extraordinary places I am dreaming of visiting before I die. It’s easy to get some great packages deals for some of these listed places.

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