How to Get Over Your Post-Vacation Blues

How to Get Over Your Post-Vacation Blues

A simple guide on how to combat a bad case of vacation withdrawal symptoms.

Almost everyone is subject to post-vacation blues after returning from an awesome vacation.

Having to get back into the work, school and daily life routine can be an immense source of disorientation, discomfort and distress for many – you feel that you just can’t settle back.

Although unpleasant, the post-holiday blues can be overcome with determination and some focus. Read on to get tips on how to get over that next holiday hangover.


Unpack as soon as possible. You might be putting off this annoying and potentially heartbreaking responsibility for tomorrow, but remember that you are just fooling yourself. Your holiday is over, and there is no better time to unpack than as soon as possible. Each day that suitcase takes space in your bedroom is another day you are not fully committed to the present.

Go grocery shopping

To get your mind off from vacation-blues, go grocery shopping. Your fridge might be empty (or smelling bad), so clean it and stock it up with your regular essentials. It may seem like a small thing, but it will make your house quickly feel like home again.

Detox from holiday food

After savoring every last special treat on your vacation, your body will be craving veggies and fruits, so give it just that. Prepare a few healthy meals for yourself. Making a meal for yourself in your own sanctuary will really help get that healthy dining routine on track.

Organize photos

Instead of mourning the death of your vacation time, why not unload, share and edit those photos and relive your vacations? Make that album a masterpiece. Share them with your friends and family too.

Become more active

Many people generally increase their fitness level during vacations because they are up and about while exploring a new destination. If you find yourself feeling more active, keep it that way! Take a jog, go swimming or start doing yoga! This will give that mounted anxiety a kick in the face. Moreover, physical activity will also release some endorphins.

Reverse the cultural shock

Instead of thinking how amazing your previous travel destination is, try to remind yourself of the things that you adore about your hometown. Catch up with friends at the nearby bar, or take a trip to your favourite park.

Plan your next vacation

There is no better cure to a travel hangover than to start planning your next one. Get all excited again by all the possibilities at your fingertips.

We hope that this article will aid you in transitioning seamlessly back to your everyday life after a vacation! 

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