Hidden Gems in New Zealand Including Wellington, Canterbury and More

Hidden Gems in New Zealand Including Wellington, Canterbury and More

If you’ve been to New Zealand, you will probably be familiar with Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown (the world’s adventure capital). Lesser-known regions such as Wellington and Wairarapa in the North Island may not see as many visitors due to the lack of familiarity. In the South Island, regions such as Nelson, Canterbury and Marlborough are also not as frequently visited compared to other parts.

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Tourism New Zealand has officially launched a campaign to promote these fascinating regions to Singaporeans in particular. New Zealand sees a steady flow of tourists from Singapore who regularly visit bustling hubs like Auckland and Queenstown. However with travel trends constantly changing and travellers preferring to engage in fresh experiences, the shift will see Singaporeans seeking less of typical touristy highlights and more authentic things to do.

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Regions such as Wellington, Wairarapa, Nelson, Canterbury and Marlborough also offer abundant opportunities to “live like a local” whilst on holiday. This is no doubt something that appeals to Singaporeans who enjoy travelling and interacting with the natives.

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There is something for everyone. Whether you choose to uncover exclusive blue pearls in Marlborough, sample local delights in Canterbury’s quaint markets or explore Nelson’s vast farms, you’ll realise how significantly different each region in New Zealand is.

Also, don’t miss a trip to New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, which exudes substantial charm and character. Explore the eclectic culinary scene and soak in the hip vibes from the suburbs. New Zealand is worthy of visiting for countless reasons. Start looking at your calendar, planning your leave and jet set on a memorable adventure.

If you’re not sure where to begin with, start with any of the five regions!

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