Fox Village in Japan Pushes The Boundaries of “Cuteness”

Fox Village in Japan Pushes The Boundaries of “Cuteness”

This fox village in Japan, Miyagi has just set the standard for cuteness absurdly high. Feed the foxes, take pictures and videos, and see just how cute they are with your very own eyes.

Foxes might not be on your mind when thinking about the cutest things on the planet, but get ready to change your mind.

Oh really?


Located in Miyagi prefecture, Japan, this fox village gives visitors the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals for a very reasonable 700 yen. With their sharp features and magnificent coats of fur, they’ll grow on you. Quickly.

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When you first enter the enclosure, the foxes you’ll see are mostly in pens and cages, which seems pretty standard, similar to a zoo. However, when you pass through a second door, you’re quite literally entering a whole new world.

Here the foxes roam wild and free as they scamper about the trees and bushes, some will be curious and run up to visitors, others will run away out of shyness. You can buy fox food for a nominal fee to feed the foxes yourself, and staff will be on hand to teach you the proper technique to ensure you don’t hurt yourself.

As with all species, you’ll have the lazy ones who plop down onto a comfortable spot and take a good snooze. While they may not afford the same level of interaction as their conscious counterparts, boy do they unintentionally make the best models. If you judge models by how squeal-inducingly cute they are.

I mean, just look at those smouldering eyes.

Foxes are regarded with a sense of awe and reserve in Japan, as they are believed to possess mythical abilities such as shape shifting.

They are also said to be the messengers of Inari Okami, the Shinto deity of fertility, prosperity and rice.

Foxes love to snatch visitors’ belongings away if they aren’t careful, believing it to be food. So be careful! Or you’ll end up like this camera man.

Oh look what a great shot of this cute little guy! My editor will be so proud.



Hands, off human. Its mine now. VICTORY!

Fact: Foxes are highly intelligent creatures who have been taught growing up that they need to bury food for rainy days. Don’t be surprised if your favourite scarf or shoe ends up 3 feet below ground!

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Make your way to Japan‘s Fox Village to get your dose of cuteness.

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