Fairy Lake Leisure Farm: An Enchanting Farm Stay in Tainan, Taiwan

Fairy Lake Leisure Farm: An Enchanting Farm Stay in Tainan, Taiwan

Fairy Lake Leisure Farm in Tainan has everything you need for an awesome farm stay.

Admit it: there are times when you wish you could get away from the urban life – from the dreary desk job to the hectic city schedule – and start afresh in the countryside. The slower pace of life, closer proximity to nature, and tranquillity would definitely do your mental health some good. As much as such an escapade would remain a fantasy for most of us (sadly), you can still taste the rural experience with a farm stay.

Of course, the ideal farm stay would involve more than just inhabiting a cabin in the woods, or any random cattle ranch. You would want breathtaking scenery, engaging activities, and comfortable accommodations. And fortunately, there’s a place relatively close by that checks all those boxes: the Fairy Lake Leisure Farm in Taiwan!

Fairy Lake Leisure Farm

fairy lake

Located on the southern tip of the Alishan Range, Fairy Lake Leisure Farm consists of various plantations surrounding a farm centre on top of a mountain. Owned by the Wu family for over six generations, the farm prides itself with its eco-friendly farming, with traditional planting and harvesting techniques. It opened its doors to the public 20 years ago, allowing visitors a chance to experience farm life via its cosy cabins and immersive agricultural activities.

fairy lake

The farm’s namesake derives from the clouds that blanket the entire region around the mountain during the wetter months of the year, giving the impression of a lake of clouds! This enchanting phenomenon is largely due to the presence of three large water bodies in the area, including the nearby Tsengwen Reservoir, which provides sufficient moisture for clouds to form. The lake of clouds can be often be seen during the early morning or late evening, making hikes around the farm at those times especially mystical.

fairy lake


A farm stay doesn’t have to involve staying in a makeshift barn or a grimy lodge. Fairy Lake Leisure Farm is a prime example, with cabins which are both spacious and comfortably furnished! Each cabin has two surprisingly plush queen-sized beds, a heater/air-conditioner, and even a TV. The cabins also each have a window that faces away from the mountain, allowing you a view of the surrounding mountains. Imagine waking up to the breathtaking sight of mist-filled valleys – that’s what you can experience at Fairy Lake Leisure Farm.

Touring the Farm

From exploring the sprawling plantations in the west to strolling among the lush nature reserve in the east, there is certainly much to do in Fairy Lake Leisure Farm! I would recommend exploring the farm centre – it’s where the cabins are at, and its walking trails offer gorgeous views of the surrounding valleys. Do set off just after the sunrise, or before the sunset, when the mist surrounding the mountain is usually thick, and be prepared for an unworldly stroll.

Besides savouring the spectacular views at the various pavilions perched along the mountainside, you can also explore the summit, which has viewpoints overlooking both sides of the mountain. In the summer, you can even sit back and have a relaxing drink at the summit’s cafe, or soak in the farm’s own infinity pool.

Once you had your fill of enchanting landscapes of misty mountains, head northwest towards the plantations. Fairy Lake Leisure Farm produces a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the entire year, from lychees in the summer to coffee beans in the autumn. Depending on the season and the timing, you might get a chance to see these fruits ripen, or even pick them!

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The farm’s speciality, however, is in its production of longans. Interestingly, the land on which Fairy Lake Leisure Farm sits is extremely ideal for growing longans. In fact, the farm’s founders discovered an abundance of wild longan trees in the area over 200 years ago! The land’s suitability in growing longans has led to Fairy Lake Leisure Farm being one of Taiwan’s largest producer of longans, which it exports both within and outside of the country.

Besides fresh longan fruits, Fairy Lake Leisure Farm also produces other longan products, such as longan tea and dried longans. For the latter, the farm still retains the traditional method of drying longans. This involves placing the longans in a massive earthen stove, using charcoal as fuel for the stove’s fire, and stirring the longans frequently to prevent the fruits from spoiling. The process is extremely gruelling, and the farmers have to keep the fire burning throughout the summer! The end result is worth it though – the farm’s longan products are arguably one of the best in the country, if not in East Asia.

If you desire to see more untamed growth, head towards the east side of the mountain, where the nature reserve awaits. This section of the farm has been left largely untouched by human development, with the sole exception of a walkway through the verdant greenery. Stepping into the nature reserve is like entering a whole new world; be prepared to be surrounded by lush greenery, melodious birdsong, and the occasional daring animal.

Making Ang Ku Kueh & Brewing Coffee

As much as exploring the farm can be extremely enticing, you can choose to stay at the farm centre, and participate in their workshops instead! The farm’s employees conduct workshops on ang ku kueh making and coffee brewing, both of which I found immensely entertaining. The workshops are usually held in the large cabin at the top of the mountain, near the cafe.

The ang ku kueh workshop session that I attended was conducted outdoors, just outside the large cabin. It was fun rolling the coloured glutinous rice into a sticky ball, and pressing patterns into it. I didn’t have to wait too long to prepare this traditional dessert – after steaming the dough for an hour or so, I could finally eat my very own handmade ang ku kueh!

On the other hand, the coffee brewing session was held indoors, in the large cabin. I was taught the Aeropress method of brewing coffee, which I felt was extremely useful for travelling coffee-lovers. I also loved how the coffee beans provided in the workshop were grown from the farm itself! It was actually interesting to know about the different methods of coffee-brewing, and I certainly learnt a lot about coffee in general during that session.

Getting There

While Fairy Lake Leisure Farm’s location in the countryside might seem to require you to rent a car to get there, there are other ways of visiting the farm without driving. You can take a taxi from either Tainan’s Chiayi or Xinying Stations, or arrange for a pickup at Xinying Station with the farm.

With lovely scenery, quiet walking trails, and an immersive farming experience, Fairy Lake Leisure Farm offers the perfect escape from the cityscape! If you are looking for a breather from work, or simply want to spend a couple of days at somewhere peaceful, Fairy Lake Leisure Farm is definitely for you.

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