TripZilla Excellence Awards 2018

Winner: Rafting New Zealand

Looking for an activity in New Zealand for the whole family?

Whitewater rafting is often misconceived to be an activity just for the thrill-seekers, but Rafting New Zealand proves that wrong with its family-friendly itineraries. Their exciting journeys can accommodate the little ones and the grown-ups alike. Kids as young as three years old can join in the fun of rafting along gentle rapids, taking breaks for swimming and cliff jumping. Along the way, rafters will be regaled by the myths and legends surrounding the landscapes.

Rafting New Zealand uses high-quality gear, employs professional Kiwi guides, and conducts full safety briefings before every trip to ensure smooth-sailing excursions. Your family’s rafting adventure begins here.

41 Ngawaka Place, Turangi, New Zealand
+64 7 386 0352