Get Your Sweet Fix at These 7 Dessert Specialty Restaurants in the Philippines

Get Your Sweet Fix at These 7 Dessert Specialty Restaurants in the Philippines

Have a sweet tooth? Hit up all these dessert specialty restaurants when in the Philippines.

Filipinos have a penchant for cooking and eating. Anywhere you go, may it be in a big city or a small town, the wafting aroma of fried food or boiling meat stew assaults one’s senses.  It is not a surprise then that after a huge meal, there will always be room for dessert.

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In a tropical country like the Philippines, cold desserts are the main weapons of choice to beat the heat. Ice cream, flavoured shaved ice, and the delicious halo-halo are just a few of the sweets that are well loved. Cakes do not come in second place though. They are at the same level as these cold desserts and are eaten with hot coffee or tea on rainy days.  

Filipinos, armed with their sweet tooth, demand for a unique go-to place for desserts. Supply has to keep up; hence, dessert places and cafés were born. Chefs became creative and whipped more delectable sweet eats to consume.

These are some of the best places to go to get a sweet fix in the Philippines.

1. Calea (Bacolod)

dessert specialty restaurants philippinesImage credit: Constantine Agustin

In the City of Smiles, pick a stranger on the streets and ask where you can go for dessert, and 99.9% would likely recommend Calea. This does not come as a surprise. After all, everyone, from students to professionals, chooses Calea as their place of choice when it comes to cakes.

Upon entering the quaint and cosy café, one cannot help but make a beeline for the refrigerated glass case. A plethora of sugary goodness is on full display. Some restraint will be needed upon when choosing what to order.

The best seller is their Chocolate Cake (with a creamy custard filling in the middle),which is moist and not too sweet. This is great for first-time customers as it will not overwhelm the taste buds. Pecan Pie Ice Cream gets full marks as well. The creaminess of the ice cream complements the pie, creating yummy goodness bite after bite.

Address: 1st Level, Robinsons Place Bacolod, Lacson St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

2. 27th Bascon (Bacolod)

27th BasconImage credit: 27th Bascon

The sugar bowl of the Philippines offers yet another sweet place to visit.  The café is very easy to spot, as it is located on a main road. The café may not be as big as one expects it to be, but it is definitely cosy with its local Negrense décor.  Unlike other cafés in the city where you get slices of cakes, Bascon has cute mini circular cakes that come in different flavours for customers to dig into.

The Cathedral Cheesecake is a great starter. A mix of the airy cheesecake and gelatin with just the right sweetness level is something everyone will love. The Bubba Cake is their best seller. This chocolate goodness may be border on uber sweetness for some. This is definitely not for the diabetic but still a must-try for a few bites.

Bascon Café also offers full meals, sandwiches, pasta, breads to go, and a whole-day breakfast menu.

Address: Corner 27th and Lacson Streets, 6100 Bacolod City

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3. Dulgies (Iloilo)

DulgiesImage credit: Dulgies desserts & cafe

This place serves gastronomical and flavourful desserts that are not only available to daily visitors to their place; they also offer catering. Many of their patrons choose to have them at their parties.

For homemade desserts and sweets, Dulgies boasts of premium ingredients, such as Valrhona, Sherfen Berger, Premium Nuts, and even Madagascar Bourbon Vanillas.  These ingredients help make their desserts taste more heavenly.

A must-try in Dulgies is Heaven’s Cake, a caramel-filled chocolate cream that is to die for! The Blueberry Cheesecake is light, and it definitely does not scrimp on the berries. An array of other desserts is available, as well as sandwiches, pasta, and breakfast meals.

Address: La Salette Bldg. Valeria St., 5000 Iloilo City

4. Saging Repablik (Davao)

Saging RepablikImage credit: sagingrepablik

Filipino word play on the foreign clothing brand Banana Republic, Saging Repablik has the great banana on the spotlight.This banana-themed dessert stop is the talk of the town, most especially in TAPS, Davao City’s breakfast capital.  TAPS is a popular food destination with more than three decades under its belt. It serves Filipino favourite breakfast fares, such as tapsilog, bangsilog, and now, banana-themed desserts.

Go for Banana Cobbler, a banana-infused pastry with creamy vanilla ice cream, which is great for sweet cravings on hot summer days. If not a fan of ice cream-topped pastries, order the Sawsaw (dipped) Banana Jr.  This ingenious French fry-look-alike comprises deep-fried banana slices wrapped in spring roll wrapper with a Belgian chocolate dip. If you like churros, this one definitely rates high on the scale.

Address: Tionko Ave. Corner V. Mapa Street, 8105 Davao City

5. Lachi’s (Davao)

Lachi’sImage credit: Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp

A definite dessert destination in Davao, Lachi’s has often been included in the list of stops for foodies with a sweet tooth whenever in the city. This eatery has been around for ages, and it serves full meals as well.

The homey appeal is just one reason why both locals and tourists flock to Lachi’s to get their sweet fix. They offer not only the conventional cakes but also their popular and unique durian-flavoured sans rival.

It is a foreign concept to many how a pungent-smelling fruit can be incorporated into a butter and cream cake. Yet, this is their best seller – a delicious novelty. Since this is the go-to place for great full meals and desserts, don’t forget to call for reservations. They are always packed because they are that good!

Address: Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, 8000 Davao City

6. The Lost Bread (Quezon City)

Image credit: The Lost Bread

This street is fast becoming the best street to offer a myriad of eats – from barbeque to steaks, and now desserts. Taking a step away from cakes, milkshakes take centre stage this time.

Lost Bread’s Overshakes are over the top, to say the least, and they are both Instagram-worthy and delicious. The shakes look too pretty to touch! Their best seller, aptly named Popshake, is a concoction of hazelnut chocolate pistachio milkshake with chocolate sauce, shards of white chocolate and pistachio, banana, whipped cream, chocolate, and hazelnut, topped with pistachio popsicle by Liq My Stick. If patrons don’t get sugar high, then that’s a miracle.

Address: 91 Maginhawa St. UP Village, 1101 Quezon City

7. Milky Way (Makati City)

Milky WayImage credit: Milky Way Cafe 

Do not forget the favourite of Filipinos to beat the heat during summer, the Halo-Halo, and one of the best in town is on offer at Milky Way.

Milky Way has been operating since the 1960s. It started as an ice cream parlour, and it was a favourite go-to place among students and even Manila’s high society back then since the first shop was opened just a stone’s throw away from the Malacañang Palace.

Now, it has a bigger place and even function rooms, and it is still offering both full meals and the best halo-halo in town. The freshness of the ingredients and the well-balanced sweetness of the milk is what sets the Halo-Halo of Milky Way apart from the other versions of this dessert.

Address: 928 Pasay Road (A.Armaiz Ave), Makati, 1223 Metro Manila

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Go and get that sweet fix by visiting these dessert places!

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