City Lockdown European Style: Community Singing And Exercising On Balconies!

City Lockdown European Style: Community Singing And Exercising On Balconies!

Chin up even during outbreaks — take it from the Europeans.

As the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to loom over different nations, self-quarantine and city lockdowns have been implemented all over the world. It’s a tough sacrifice we all have to make; quarantines and lockdowns require us to establish social distancing from friends and even family members. But if there’s any silver lining people have discovered amidst these tough times, it’s that we’re all in this together. Take it from the Europeans — they’ve found a way to reach out to their neighbours through song and cheer!

Singing in the streets of Italy

As of writing, Italy has the world’s second-highest number of COVID-19 cases, reaching 17,660. Despite the alarming rate in which the virus is spreading in Northern Italy, the Italians — who remain safe and quarantined in their homes — are keeping each other’s spirits high by singing and dancing from their balconies and windows!

A couple of videos from Italy exhibiting this heartwarming camaraderie have gone viral online. And these videos aren’t only concentrated in one Italian region; there are videos taken in Tuscany (central Italy), Naples (southern Italy), and Sicily (central Mediterranean Sea)!  

See the videos below:

Siena, Tuscany



Exercising on the balconies in Spain

Spain is the second most affected European country next to Italy. It has more than 4,200 cases of COVID-19 victims, including a Spanish minister who also contracted the virus. Naturally, going to the gym is a big no-no. So, how to compensate for the lack of workouts? Well, in Seville, they’ve figured it out. 

Watch this video of a trainer named Gonzalo who started coaching the residents of his neighbourhood from a rooftop. According to him, jumping jacks, squats, and reverse lunges go a long way!

Watching these videos definitely gives us hope and returns our faith in humanity amidst trying times. Not to mention, they show us how resourceful and creative people can be when they’re bored and quarantined. Let us know how your neighbourhood is coping!


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