Austria Climate Ticket Takes You Anywhere in the Country for Just €3 Daily

Austria’s Climate Ticket Takes You Anywhere in the Country for €3 Daily

Travelling to different places in Austria just got cheaper.

For most city dwellers, one of the most dreaded things about commuting is when you need to take multiple public transport. Don’t you find it such a hassle when you need to take a bus, a tram, and then a train just to get somewhere — and spend more than you’d prefer? Well, what if we told you that in Austria, you can have all these for just €3?

Thanks to the Klimaticket (or Austria Climate Ticket), you can have a seamless commute for a price that’s absolutely worth it! Bonus points that it’s also good for the environment. With this, you can easily switch between train, bus, and tram — whether it’s for your daily trips to work or your weekend excursions. 

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What to know about the Austria Climate Ticket

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The Klimaticket annual pass is priced at €1,095 (~S$1,712.28); that’s €21 (~S$32.84) weekly, and €3 (~S$4.69) daily! With this, you can take your pick among 40 transport operators in Vienna alone. And in case you were wondering — no, it’s not limited to Vienna and other metropolitan cities. 

You can also use your Austria Climate Ticket for, say, a getaway to scenic places like Hallstatt, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. Surely, there isn’t a more efficient way to travel around Austria! The only catch is that, if you’re a foreign visitor, you’ll still have to pay for a full annual pass, since a per-day or per-week option isn’t available. 

Austria climate ticket

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 Sure, Austria’s public transport has always been hailed for its top-notch services and convenient ticketing. However, an official government report states that only 16% of trips in 2018 were via public transport. This scheme aims to encourage residents to swap their cars for more eco-friendly modes of transport. 

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It’s no surprise that this Austria Climate Ticket gained a lot of buzz when it launched on 26 October 2021. In fact, the hype was so real that the booking website crashed when tickets went on sale. That aside, this game changer looks like it’s off to a great start! 

Obviously, this gives us even more reasons to visit Austria soon. On that note, why not make your trip longer to make the most out of the Klimaticket? You know you want to. 

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